For fans of German performance cars, not much can top the sights and sounds of 43 BMW M cars all on a parade around the Nurburgring.f Most of the cars in this video are, as you’d expect, M3s, but there are 1M’s, M4s, M5s, M6s, X5 Ms and X6 Ms. Even the Safety cars are an M4 and an M6. Sadly, there is no M1, but that was going to be a long shot anyway. The footage comes from a parade held as a preliminary event before the 24 Hours Nurburgring race. With BMW fans’ joy being only somewhat diminished when a BMW took second behind an Audi in the actual race.

AMG didn’t come under Mercedes control until 1990, and has only been a wholly owned division of the company for a decade. Audi made its first RS-badged car in 1994, but BMW was well ahead of both of its major competitors in the performance department when it rolled out the first M-badged car in 1978. M heritage therefore stretches a bit further back, and it makes the cars a logical choice for such a storied race track.

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