BMW showed it’s interest in the supercar segment after unveiling it’s BMW M1 Hommage. That car seemed a little too good to be true... but these spy shots (or renderings??) show BMW’s ready-for-production supercar.

The BMW M1 Hommage was too good to be true. But this car will probably be the production version. There has been ongoing debate if the car in this picture is just a rendering or it is BMW’s up-coming supercar. According to, this photo was taken in a hanger in some part of Spain.

The car has borrowed it’s looks from the BMW M3 coupe, though longer and sleeker. The roof seems to be built of carbon fibre and the car is reported to be mid-engined. This is BMW’s answer to the R8... I can’t wait to see it cruising down the Dubai roads!

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  (62) posted on 06.20.2008

is bigger than the R8 and uglier

AK47  (1024) posted on 06.19.2008

It does look like the R8 without the side ducts and uglier headlights.

AK47  (70) posted on 06.18.2008

i think is a rendering, if they will produce a supercar i don’t think it will look like that

AK47  (133) posted on 06.18.2008

y does this look like it has a wannabe r8 design?

AK47  (47) posted on 06.18.2008

This is old...and fake.

AK47  (25) posted on 06.18.2008

Beautiful car!!!, but that appears to be a rendering.

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