BMW has been teasing the public with the BMW Hommage concept since April. Rumors have confirmed both its production and its demise. Last thing we heard was that is was dead in the cost-cutting of the current market. Now we are hearing buzz that a production version is back on (again), but this time there are some logical details to back it up.

AutoWeek has received some info that says everything except flat-out confirming plans to revive the M1 name. BMW is looking for a place to showcase its new EfficientDynamics (better fuel economy, better performance) program. It wants to use its latest technology to create a "a breakthrough green supercar" according to BMW source.

Like the original M1, the new car would likely be a two-seat, mid-engined six-cylinder coupe. It would use lightweight construction materials and a twin turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six engine making 400+ horsepower. "The idea is to take the supercar to a whole new level of environmental compatibility using technology and materials already in wide use today," Autoweek’s source said.

If all goes well, BMW’s eco-friendly supercar could make it to limited production by 2012.


Source: Autoweek

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