The Concept CS shown by BMW at the recent Shanghai Auto Show is widely rumored to be the next hot big bimmer. Details about the car are now leaking out, including word that it will probably be powered by a V-12 derivative of the current V-10 used in the M5 and M6. The possibility exists, however, that it will merely get a blown version of that same V-10 engine. Either way, the car is expected to be a rear wheel drive two door, with power substantially more than 500 hp.

BMW M10 to be powered by a V12 engine
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The expectation that the new BMW M10 would clone the CS Concept car shown at the Shanghai Auto Show got a big boost when BMW’s North American Chief Executive Officer confirmed that the CS Concept would be built. Speaking to reporters, CEO Tom Purves was pointed in observing that the CS was not an experimental vehicle, but was a design capable of production. “The CS is not a stretch or modified anything,” he said. That was followed by the comment that the United States dealers absolutely loved the concept car and that, if the dealers and media love it, “there’s a good chance customers will.”

Some reports have suggested that such a car would be introduced as an 8 Series BMW. The last 8 Series BMW, which was a two-door Grand Touring vehicle, went out of production in 1999.

BMW M10 to be powered by a V12 engine
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Perhaps the model’s designation hinges on its engine. If it uses a blown V-10 from the M5 and M6 line, it would be logical to stick with the M series designation, and the number of cylinders: M10. But if the car is to be a V-1, then giving it an 8 Series designation would be in line with precedent. The last 8 Series was a V-12.

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