Suspension bits, lightness adding, and acres of carbon fiber details

Originally released in 2015, the M2 is Bimmer’s take on small, lightweight, two-door driving excitement. Now, the Bavarian’s go-faster division is blessing the coupe with a slew of performance parts designed to up the fun factor to ever-greater heights, while also adding some tasty aesthetics upgrades to boot.

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BMW M2 Competition Gets M Performance Parts
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The M2 Competition is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder. Output is rated at 410 horsepower.

First, the basics. The M2 Competition is a compact coupe tuned by BMW’s M Division racing boffins to deliver superlative handling and performance potential.

Under the hood, the M2 Competition is equipped with the same powerplant as the M4, which means its got a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder. Output is rated at 410 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque, which, in the M2 Competition, sends the two-door from 0 to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds. Throw in the optional double-clutch transmission, and that time is reduced to 4.2 seconds.

BMW M2 Competition Gets M Performance Parts
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While certainly quick in a straight line, the M2 Competition’s greatest strength is in the way it tackles a corner, and to that end, M Division definitely cranked up the heat. Helping it turn are new M Performance suspension components, which includes lowering springs that bring it 20 mm (0.78 inches) closer to the pavement, as well as adjustable dampers with 12 individual settings for the compression and 16 individual settings for the rebound.

“The M Performance suspension ensures a markedly neutral driving response with significantly reduced rolling tendency. The performance of the BMW M2 Competition is especially enhanced when it is driven extremely dynamically,” BMW explains.

BMW M2 Competition Gets M Performance Parts
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The rest of the handling package includes bigger brakes. The upgraded brake calipers include six-pot units in front and four-pot units in the rear, both of which are made from aluminum and painted red. The burly calipers clamp down on ventilated and perforated BMW M Compound discs, offered as part of the BMW M Sports Brake System Red package. These offer greater thermal resilience than the standard braking package, and are particularly good at stopping when mated with the optional motorsports-derived sport pads.

BMW M2 Competition Gets M Performance Parts
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In the corners is a set of lightweight 19-inch forged wheels that reduce unsprung mass by 7.1 pounds

Bigger and badder equipment is certainly a good way to up the performance ante, but so is a meaningful weight reduction. In the corners, M Division mounted a set of lightweight 19-inch forged wheels, rocking a Y-Spoke, 763 M design. They look great, but also reduce unsprung mass by 3.2 kg (7.1 pounds) compared to the standard 19-inch wheels. Buyers can get the new rollers in either Jet Black matte or Frozen Gold, both of which come with machined M Performance lettering around the edge of the rim. Tire selection includes the ever-popular Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 compound.

BMW M2 Competition Gets M Performance Parts
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As you probably expect, there’s a lot of optional carbon fiber components to help cut weight as well, starting with a new M Performance composite hood. This also looks rather tasty, showing off with a partially visible varnished weave and a signature “powerdome” in the center. It also reduces the weight over the front axle by 9 kg (19.8 pounds).

BMW M2 Competition Gets M Performance Parts
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Up next is the M Performance carbon roof, which also gets visible varnished weave while shaving off 5 kg (11 pounds). Matching it is a carbon trunk, which cuts 6 kg (13.2 pounds) and adds a bit of drama when loading and unloading thanks to visible carbon on the underside of the piece. Both the carbon trunk and the carbon roof will be available from November onwards.

BMW M2 Competition Gets M Performance Parts
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Underneath is an M Performance exhaust system utilizing a titanium muffler and steel pipes, plus a carbon tip.

Additional M Performance carbon can be found along the body. Underneath is an M Performance exhaust system utilizing a titanium muffler and steel pipes. The 93 mm (3.7-inch) exhaust tip is made from carbon and badged with the M logo. Inside the exhaust is a variable flap that’s used to modify the sound, tunable via various driving modes (Efficient Mode, Sport Mode, and Sport+ Mode). Offered from September onwards, the new exhaust cuts an impressive 8 kg (17.6 pounds) all by itself.

BMW M2 Competition Gets M Performance Parts
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The rest of the body gets a variety of carbon fiber aero and style parts, such as a new front splitter, kidney grille, air breather side bars, exterior mirror caps, door sill finishers, side skirt extensions, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler.

Helping you wring out every last tenth is the M Performance Drive Analyzer, which combines a variety of data (road speed, engine data, throttle and braking inputs, and lateral g-forces) for on-track performance optimization. The analyzer will record and display the various parameters mentioned, connecting via your OBD port through a Bluetooth enabled port stick and running a smartphone app to retrieve the data. Video and graphic displays are used view the data, while the app provides the means to share it all.

BMW M2 Competition Gets M Performance Parts
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Complementing the app is a variety of mounts for cameras to record your heroics, including attachments to the threaded bushes, towing eyes, and various locations in the interior.

In terms of pure aesthetics, M Division is offering a carbon fiber engine cover, as well as LED door projectors that provide splash graphics on the pavement when you open the door.

Moving inside, there’s a pair of sports steering wheel options. The Pro model gets leather for the upper and lower sections, plus Alcantara for the hand grips. There’s also a wheel with an integrated race display on the upper rim, issuing a variety of info depending on the drive mode, such as a stopwatch and g-force meter. Colored LEDs to the sides of the display tell you when to shift.

Rounding it out are M Performance pedal covers, floor mats, and gear shift knob, plus additional carbon fiber trim and Alcantara details and on the key case.


BMW M2 Competition

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With the engine from the BMW M4, the BMW M2 Competition reaches a whole new dimension (combined fuel consumption: 10.0-9.9 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 228–225 g/km)*: The double turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine takes the compact coupé to a whole new level of motorsport style driving performance. The 410 horsepowers of the power unit propel the compact model to 100 km/h in only 4.4 seconds from standstill (4.2 s with double-clutch transmission). However, this irresistible forward thrust can be enhanced even further. At the launch of the BMW M2 Competition, a wide range of exclusive M Performance Parts will be available as Original BMW Accessories to turn the car into an uncompromising sports machine with performance and looks to match. The source of all this racing know-how is BMW M GmbH.

Lower weight and even more thrilling set-up.
In order to increase driving dynamics even further, the BMW engineers came up with a whole series of highlights to lower the weight of the M2 Competition and enhance its already very sporty driving characteristics. This includes the M Performance suspension retrofit kit, which is available as an Original BMW Accessory. The coil-spring suspension can be lowered by up to 20 millimetres; the damping technology can be independently adjusted for the compression stage (12 setting options) and the rebound stage (16 setting options). The M Performance suspension ensures a markedly neutral driving response with significantly reduced rolling tendency. The performance of the BMW M2 Competition is especially enhanced when it is driven extremely dynamically.

BMW M Performance Parts upgrades also provide the suitable light-weight forged wheels and larger-dimension brakes with even higher braking response. The larger, internally ventilated and perforated BMW M Compound Brake Discs of the BMW M Sports Brake System Red ensure improved thermal resilience as compared to the series production brake system. Aluminium 6-piston fixed calipers on the front axle and 4-piston fixed calipers on the rear axle generate more brake force under extreme conditions. The suitable sports brake pads are also available. They are derived from long-distance brake pads as used in motorsport and were developed to provide outstanding braking performance under high thermal load. In conjunction with the new 19 inch M Performance forged wheel Y-spoke style 763 M the unsprung masses are reduced by 3.2 kilograms* compared to the standard 19 inch wheel. This has positive effects on steering behaviour and driving dynamics. The open design with five Y spokes also highlights the red brake calipers perfectly. The exclusive forged wheels are available in the colours Jet Black matt and Frozen Gold with machined M Performance lettering in the rim flange. Apart from the standard 19 inch tyres, the especially high-grip MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres can be selected.

Carbon fibre emphasises the car’s sporty visual appeal.
Additional lightweight parts made of high-grade carbon fibre save additional weight. The newly developed M Performance bonnet made of carbon fibre with partially visible varnished carbon fibre is not only a real eyecatcher; this is also the first time the BMW M2 Competition boasts a powerdome. This engine hood reduces the load on the front axle by approximately nine kilograms, too. Truly stunning looks are achieved in combination with the M Performance vehicle roof in carbon fibre, which is also made of visible varnished carbon fibre (approx. 5 kg weight saving) and the M Performance tailgate in carbon fibre (approx. 6 kg weight saving, both available from 11/2018). In addition to featuring partially visible varnished carbon fibre on the outside, the inside of the tailgate is completely made of visible carbon fibre, which makes for spectacular loading and unloading. The M Performance front side panel in carbon fibre at the front, left/right with integrated air outlets made of visible carbon fibre (available from 11/2018) reduces weight even more.

Racing sound on the road is provided by the M Performance exhaust system. The lightweight construction flap exhaust system made of stainless steel features a titanium rear silencer and 93 millimetre tailpipes made of carbon fibre with M logo. The sound ranges from sporty (Efficient Mode) to uncompromising racing acoustics (Sport Mode and Sport+ Mode) thereby emphasising the unique 6-cylinder bi-turbo sound even further. Of course this exhaust system (available from 9/2018) saves weight as well – approximately 32 percent (8 kg) as compared to the series production part.

Professional driving analysis via M Performance Drive Analyser.
Drivers of a sports machine like the BMW M2 Competition want to know exactly how fast they’re going. For racetrack use, they not only want to know about the driving speed, but also the engine data, accelerator and brake use as well as the lateralacceleration. The M Performance Drive Analyser now also allows this and other data to be displayed, recorded, professionally and comfortably analysed after driving in the BMW M2 Competition and it can also be shared with others as required. The M Performance Drive Analyser has been directly derived from motorsports. All that is required for this is an OBD stick (On Board Diagnostics) as well as a special smartphone app. The OBD stick is first of all placed in a socket in the footwell. The smartphone then connects with the stick via Bluetooth and turns it into an interactive driving experience system. All measured activities are saved directly on the smartphone. Later all the results and data can be called up in the app, which is free-of-charge for BMW customers, in the form of videos or graphic displays. For all those who want to make video recordings, Original BMW Accessories offer the M Performance Track Fix and Travel & Comfort System holders for action cameras. They can be either attached to the threaded bushes for the towing eyes on the front and rear or in the car’s interior.

Carbon fibre aerodynamics parts specially designed for the BMW M2 Competition.
A wide range of exterior M Performance Parts is available to visually emphasise the concentrated power of the BMW M2 Competition even further and to highlight its aerodynamic qualities. The carbon fibre parts are mainly elaborately crafted by hand and enhance the high-quality and sporty visual appeal of the car even more. All parts have been developed especially for the BMW M2 Competition and have already been type approved for the whole car. No further entries have to be made to the vehicle papers. These M Performance Parts are available: front splitter in carbon fibre, kidney grille in carbon fibre, air breather side bars in carbon fibre (right/left), exterior mirror caps in carbon fibre, door sill finisher in carbon fibre, side skirt extensions in carbon fibre, rear diffusor in carbon fibre, rear spoiler in carbon fibre. Even the M Performance engine cover under the bonnet is made of this high grade carbon fibre material. Its multi-layer varnish finish and high-gloss polished surface give it a very special visual appeal. The M Performance rear spoiler in carbon fibre streamed is also available. M Performance Motorsport decal is the ideal supplement for the carbon fibre parts and is available in the distinctive M colours for the front, rear, left and right.

Sporty design accents for the doors and interior.
A further design accent already meets the eye when you open the doors: BMW LED door projectors featuring new slide technology project fascinating graphics onto the ground next to the car and turn getting into the car into an experience. With two sports steering wheels, special highlights are also available for the interior. They give the interior a true motorsport appeal. M Performance steering wheel Pro is covered with high-grade leather on the upper and lower section; the grip area features Alcantara covering and is exceptionally pleasant and functional to hold. The M Performance steering wheel with race display, Alcantara covering and open-pore carbon fibre is an especially sporty accessory. On the upper steering wheel rim it features a display, which provides the driver with information depending on the selected driving mode. In Sport Mode for example, a stopwatch and a G-force meter for longitudinal and transverse acceleration are displayed. In Race Mode, the stopwatch changes to display minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second. The modes are easy and comfortable to change using two buttons in the thumb rest area. A gear shift indicator with coloured LEDs on the right and left of the display provides even more motorsport atmosphere.

Refining the car down to the last detail with M Performance Parts.
In the footwell, the M Performance pedal covers in stainless steel and M Performance floor mats provide further dynamic touches. High-grade parts for the gearshift lever knob/gear selector switch, double-clutch transmission and hand brake handle are featured in the carbon fibre/Alcantara M Performance interior kit. Even the car key can be upgraded with an elegant M Performance key case in Alcantara/carbon fibre. The M Performance indoor car cover is available as an Original BMW Accessory for everyone who wants to protect their car in style.

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