The arrival of the BMW 2 Series not only gave BMW a more versatile lineup, but it also paved the way for a powerful M2 variant in the future. Back in 2011, when details first surfaced of a possible M2, nobody had any idea on when the car would arrive. It’s been three years and still the M2 hasn’t arrived. But according to the 2addicts forum, BMW has finally given a specific timetable for the M2, which apparently will now hit production late next year, with deliveries expected to begin in early 2016.

Say what you will about BMW slow-playing the arrival of the M2, but if there’s any truth to these rumors that BMW has finally green lit the M2, the wait is going to be worth it.

Apart from the vehicle’s schedule, 2addicts also indicated that the sports coupe will use the company’s N55, turbocharged, inline-six engine, a slightly more powerful version of what’s found in the M235i Coupe’s engine bay. Whereas the latter was capable of producing 320 horsepower, the M2’s engine is tipped to be around 380 horsepower.

That should provide a little room for both the M235i Coupe and the M2 in the company’s 2 Series lineup to without encroaching on the other one’s sales numbers. It looks like BMW is confident that both models can co-exist with one another, but the company chose not to dive into more details about the M2. Despite the lacking details, we bet that the M2 will also get a more premium feel than the M235i, and a suspension closer to that of the M3 and M4..

That should be in the cards if Bimmer wants its customers to appreciate the M2 as its own model. Moving forward, all of us can keep an eye out on the development of the M2, which according to 2addicts, will carry the codename "pyrat2," succeeding the "pyrat" nickname given to the 1M Coupe.

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Why It Matters

This could be a huge selling point for Bimmer, but it could also cannibalize other models in the lineup. Not only will it render the M235i almost useless, but it could also gobble up some M4 sales. The only way to save the M4 is to tune down the suspension a little, making the big coupe worth the extra cash. On the flip side, this will help BMW completely round out its M lineup, giving buyers plenty of M models to pick from.


BMW M2 Coupe Will Go Into Production In Late 2015 Exclusive Renderings
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TopSpeed Rendering

There haven’t been any clear looks at what the BMW M2 is going to look like, but our talented artists have created a cool rendering of the sports coupe, complete with what we anticipate to be design highlights of the vehicle.

Notice the different headlights of this rendering compared to the M235i. It’s more in step with the almond-shaped lights of the bigger BMW models.

The rendering also features a tighter beltline compared to the M235i, and in particular, notice how the lines begin where the front arches end to create a cleaner and sportier look to the M2

Finally, the front intakes are also there, albeit a little closer to the ground than the M235i. That suggests a more performance-oriented package, something we expect the M2 will be.

Source: 2addicts

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