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BMW M240i v BMW M2: A Drag Race Proving Who The Big Daddy Is

The M2 "Lite" is surprisingly fast off the grid, but the big-fat M2 is present for a reason

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The British automotive channel ’Carwow’ is up with another interesting drag race video involving the current-gen 2022 BMW M240i xDrive and the outgoing generation 2021 BMW M2 Competition. So, how different is the new second-generation M240i from the older but a beast of an M2 Competition? Comparing the stats make it clear that the latter is more powerful with its twin-turbo straight-six engine than the single-turbo straight-six engine from the M2 “Lite”. But, that does not mean the M2 Competition will be a clear winner?

Today’s Drag Race Candidates Will Be From The Bavarian Side Of The World

BMW M240i v BMW M2: A Drag Race Proving Who The Big Daddy Is
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The M2 Competition is a full-fledged M car with a more powerful engine roaring under its hood.

Starting with the M240i, it has a single-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six engine under the hood, which puts out 374 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. However, unlike the M2 Competition, the gearbox is an eight-speed torque converter and the engine drives all four wheels. In terms of the curb weight, the new M240i is a bit on the heavier side; 3,726 pounds.

BMW M240i v BMW M2: A Drag Race Proving Who The Big Daddy Is
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The new generation M240i xDrive is heavier, possible because of the AWD system, and the added catalytic converters for stricter emission norms. It weighs about 3,726 pounds.

Next, we have the big-fat M2 Competition, which is a first-generation model from 2021. This beast of a coupe is powered by the same 3.0-liter straight-six engine, but has twin-turbos and has all the M-Division madness baked into it. As a result, it makes 410 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. This beast of an engine comes mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and drives the rear wheels only. It has a lower curb weight of 3,472 pounds, which is about 254 pounds difference.

Let’s Get Straight To The Drag Race

BMW M240i v BMW M2: A Drag Race Proving Who The Big Daddy Is
- image 1076374
The M240i xDrive was nowhere close to the M2 Competition at the end.

As we predicted, the M2 “Lite”, with its all-wheel-drive system, and a torque converter automatic gearbox took off well with minimal traction issues, while the M2 Competition launches with a lot of grip losses. It was a clean win for the new-gen M240i xDrive, but the video shows that the M2 Competition was getting closer to the M240i, and that was probably because of the power-to-ratio. This time, the drag race was done just once and the M240i completed the standing quarter-mile in 12.2 seconds, while the M2 Competition took 12.5 seconds. On paper, the 0.3 seconds difference is nothing, but watch the video to know how much was the distance between both the Bimmers.

BMW M240i v BMW M2: A Drag Race Proving Who The Big Daddy Is
- image 1076375
The winner M240i completes the quarter-mile in 12.2 seconds.

Now it was time for the rolling races, so both the cars maintained a speed of 50 miles per hour, with the driving modes set to the comfy-est settings and the gearbox set to automatic. And, oh boy! The M2 Competition kicks down instantly as if there was no turbo lag at all! Also, thanks to the dual-clutch system, the gear changes were instantaneous, and fewer drivetrain losses because it is a rear-wheel-drive car. In the end, there was no way that the M240i could beat the M2 Competition to the half-mile marker.

In the next rolling race, both the cars are at 50 miles per hour like before, but now they have switched to the most aggressive driving mode and manual mode for the gearbox. And, like before, the M2 Competition edges ahead of the M2 “Lite” slowly but in the end, the former is the clear winner. It shows that while the M240i launches well, the M2 Competition emerges as a more powerful option on the road.

BMW M240i v BMW M2: A Drag Race Proving Who The Big Daddy Is
- image 1076378
’Carwow’ presented another drag race between the mighty M2 Competition from last year and the new-gen M240i xDrive.

Next, we have a brake test to wrap things up. Both the cars speed up to 100 miles per hour before they reach the mark and bury the brake pedals. This time, it is the M240i stopping earlier than the M2. However, Mat from Carwow confirms that the winning car has an optional package that includes upgraded brakes. So, what about the result? The M240i xDrive wins the drag race but loses both the rolling races and again wins the brake test. The M2 Competition wins both the rolling races by a big margin. So it is 2-2. But, we know that whoever wins the drag race, wins the day.

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