In an interview with InsideLine, BMW’s vice president Gerhard Richter confirmed the production of the M3 CLS.

"We built the last M3 CSL to test how many euros customers are willing to pay for less weight. For 20 years, they’ve learnt to pay for more power, not less weight. The reaction to the CSL was very positive and you will already see in the new M3 that we’ve spent a lot of money bringing down the weight.

The last M3 CSL was very successful and fun to drive. From now on, there will always be a CSL version of the M3."

Also Gerhard Richter said that the M3 is the "best representation of the M character, combining the feeling of a racecar with that of a normal street car."

As regarding a M version of the all-new 1-Series Coupe, in theory the car is possible, but "there has been no decision yet."

Source: Inside Line

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