But it won’t be hitting the U.S. shores

Someone rightly said – When one door closes, another one opens; and behind this door is a BMW M3 Touring. Don’t build your hopes yet, but if reports are to be believed, we might be blessed with the wagon variant of the Bavarian’s smallest sport sedan. It could be sold side-by-side with the 3 Series Touring, codenamed the G21.

An M3 Estate Isn’t A Bad Idea

BMW M3 Touring Might Soon Become a Reality and We Want One
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As reported by Autocar, some sources have claimed that BMW’s top-executives are seriously considering an estate version of the M3 to take on the Audi RS4 Avant and the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Estate.

In retrospect, we believe BMW should have developed this a long time back, given how well the other Germans are doing with their wagons.

Since there are no mechanical changes to be made and the automaker is going to make the 3 Series Touring, the R&D costs would have been relatively low. So, even if the M3 Touring did not rake in numbers, it wouldn’t hurt BMW much as it was going to be an amalgamation of two existing cars with nothing being built from scratch.

The M3 Touring Almost Happened in the Early 2000s

BMW M3 Touring Might Soon Become a Reality and We Want One
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At this point, this is all just rumor and speculation - we have never spotted the real deal.

But, it's not the first time that the M3 Touring has been considered by BMW.

The brand produced a one-off prototype back in 2000, and journalists such as myself were even able to drive it. Unfortunately, what would have been the coolest sports wagon of the time never made it into production. Even if the M3 Touring does come to life now, we probably won’t be getting it here in the U.S., The wagon trend is virtually non-existent here in comparison to Europe, so it doesn’t make sense to import, market, and sell a premium wagon that probably won’t sell.

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Source: AutoCar

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