BMW likes to spread its technology around. If its going to perfect the driving experience of the 3-Series with the M3, then it likes to do it over the full line. So far we can get our hands on the coupe, sedan and convertible in "M" form, but what about the version that can take the kids and dog along on the Autobahn?

We expect BMW to spread the M3 joy over to the wagon soon, but that’s not good enough for designer Jon Sibal. He’s taken elements from the current M3 and applied them to the wagon body. For good measure he’s also added plenty of aftermarket kit parts too (AC Schnitzer front lip and roof wing lowered KW suspension, Black Series BBS RE Magnesium, etc.)

Although we usually favor coupes, if we found ourselves needing a few child seats, this may just be our preferred family-sized rocket.


Source: Jon Sibal

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