• BMW M3 Will Star In Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: Video

What qualities would you look for in a getaway car? Obviously, you would want something fast, but you would probably also want something with four doors to make entry and egress easier for your accomplices. You’ll probably also want something inconspicuous that can melt into the background and relatively compact incase you need to maneuver through any tight alleyways.

Whether you’re a secret agent or have just made some bad choices in life, we would recommend the latest F80 BMW M3. Coincidentally, that’s the exact car Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg will use to outrun a pack of armed and angry motorcyclists through the streets of Casablanca, Morocco in this summer’s Mission: Impossible Rouge Nation. The Impossible Missions Force M3 appears to be equipped with a few additional features, including a handprint recognition system on the drivers-side window that can be used to unlock the door. Unfortunately, Tom Cruise’s handprint on the window is the least of this M3’s problems: It gets shot at, driven through a flea market, smashed into motorcycles and then driven off a veranda in reverse.

It’s the second BMW to appear in a Mission: Impossible movie. The first was the BMW VisionEfficient Dynamics (the conceptual predecessor to the i8), which had a brief cameo the in the fourth movie, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

This is the second trailer for the movie, and it looks like fun!

2016 BMW M3

2016 BMW M3 High Resolution Exterior
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