BMW M announces the arrival of the ultimate 2+2, open air driving experience - the new BMW M6 Convertible. Like its Coupe stablemate, the M6 Convertible combines a 500 horsepower V10 and the seven-speed Sequential M Gearbox with Drivelogic. It also combines the luxury and elegance of the 6 Series Convertible with true super-car performance - 0 - 60 mph in about 4.5 seconds and a top speed electronically limited to 155 mph. With production beginning this September, the 2007 M6 Convertible will begin arriving in U.S. showrooms this fall.

The M6 Convertible has all of the performance capabilities of the M6 Coupe in addition to the styling cues that clearly identify this car as the work of BMW M - the aggressive and functional front air dam, the light and open 19-inch wheels that showcase the large compound/cross-drilled brakes as well as the tail-end treatment featuring air-diffuser and four round tailpipes. It combines it with the elegance and functionality of the 6 Series Convertible - the luxurious 2+2 seating, the generous trunk and the multi-layered soft-top. This rare combination will provide the open-air enthusiast with one of the most unique driving experiences on the road.

It is a true luxury car, but as a true product of BMW M, its reflexes were honed on the race track.

BMW M6 Convertible arriving this fall
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The 500 hp, V10, 7-speed SMG, 2+2 Convertible

The M6 Convertible takes full advantage of the high-revving, 500 hp BMW V10 engine. With a redline in excess of 8,000 rpm, this engine delivers its power in a way that feels like nothing else. With its 5.0-liter capacity, this normally aspirated engine delivers a genuine 100 hp/liter, once exclusive racecar territory. This engine combines state-of-the-art electronics, including double-VANOS variable valve timing, with technology straight from motorsports like ten individual throttle butterflies.

The driver may not need all the power of the V10 in all situations. In city traffic or while commuting, for example, the comfort-oriented P400 setting may suit. P400 is automatically activated when the engine is first started and offers, as the name implies, 400 horsepower. All the driver has to do to call up the full 500 hp is push the power button. A P500 sport mode is also available for even more dynamic response.

In order to take full advantage of the available power, the M6 Convertible comes standard with the seven-speed Sequential M Gearbox with Drivelogic. The unique SMG not only enables the driver to take full advantage of the performance potential but it also offers maximum flexibility as well.

It offers the flexibility of shifting from either the paddles mounted behind the steering wheel or the console mounted shift lever. It also offers the flexibility, through Drivelogic, of 11 different shift modes - six for the manual function (S-mode) and five for the automated mode (D-mode). Drivelogic gives the driver the flexibility to tailor shifting characteristics to suit the driving style of the moment.

The result is 0 - 60 mph in about 4.5 seconds and a top-speed electronically limited to 155 mph. It is a true testament to the chassis engineers at BMW M that the M6 Convertible can lap the famous Nordschleife at the Nurburgring nearly as fast as the M6 Coupe. It accomplishes this without sacrificing comfort thanks to a specially tuned suspension featuring Electronic Damping Control. EDC not only offers the driver the choice of three settings ranging from Sport to Comfort, but it also constantly adjusts the shock-absorber firmness to the given driving conditions.

BMW M6 Convertible arriving this fall
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Variable M Differential Lock and DSC with M Dynamic mode

The variable, speed-sensing M Differential Lock gives the M6 Convertible outstanding traction in all driving conditions, particularly when accelerating out of a bend. Even in the most demanding situations, this intelligent differential provides a decisive edge in traction. This is especially beneficial when accelerating with the drive wheels on surfaces of varying coefficients of friction. Here, the M Differential Lock immediately builds locking force with the increasing difference in speed between the drive wheels. Power is then able to get to the drive wheel with greater traction.

Befitting its character the BMW M6 Convertible offers a special version of BMW’s Dynamic Stability Control. In addition to the normal DSC mode, there is the M Dynamic Mode. The M Dynamic Mode retains all the functionality of DSC but waits for a higher threshold of wheel slip before engaging. As with all BMWs, the driver has the option of switching it off completely.

High-performance brakes have their roots in motorsport

Reflecting the car’s enormous performance potential, the BMW M6 Convertible offers braking performance to match. Large 14.7-inch front and 14.6-inch rear brakes feature weight-optimized cross-drilled, compound rotors. These ensure not only outstanding stopping performance but also offer greater resistance to the effects of heat under extreme conditions. Tests show stopping distances of just under 118 feet from 62 mph and less than 460 feet from 124 mph.

Braking safety is aided further by BMW’s two-stage Adaptive Brakelight technology. Under hard braking, or whenever the ABS is engaged, the taillights illuminate in tandem with the brake lights and at the same intensity, giving following drivers a much bolder warning which helps them to react more quickly.

Unique multi-layered softop provides the profile of a Coupe

The soft-top on the M6 Convertible is made up of three layers. A special noise and heat insulating layer of polyurethane (PUR) foam is held between the weather-proof outer layer and the interior roof lining. Its unique fin-roof look gives the M6 Convertible the same dynamic profile of the M6 Coupe. The C-pillar is characterized by the traditional Hofmeister kink.

Although the roof covers a generous passenger compartment, it folds into compact dimensions. The vertical rear window requires very little storage space and can be raised or lowered independently of the roof. It can be lowered with the top up to provide additional ventilation and can be raised with the top down to act as a wind deflector. The roof can be raised or lowered while the car is traveling up to 20 mph. The top can be ordered in either black or grey.

A luxurious environment tailored to the driving enthusiast

The interior of the BMW M6 Convertible retains the luxurious look and feel of the 650i Convertible and has been enhanced with special touches that distinguish it as a product from BMW M.

Immediately apparent will be the exclusive seams on all the seats as well as the M logos in the headrests. Next will be the shift paddles and shift lever that are unique to the Sequential M Gearbox. The white-on-black instruments feature the traditional BMW M red indicator needles.

The optional Head-Up Display presents essential information directly in the driver’s field of vision. This can include directional information from the standard on-board navigation system. It also offers the choice of a special M display that includes road speed, transmission gear and an engine speed graphic.

Using iDrive, the driver can select a preferred setting for each of these in the MDrive display. Then with a simple touch of the M button on the steering wheel, all the preferred settings are instantly engaged offering a custom tailored driving experience.

The interior has been designed for easy access to the rear seats. In addition to the room for passengers, the M6 Convertible provides plenty of room for their luggage. The flexible tray for the convertible top can be folded out of the way when the top is up in order to create additional luggage space. There is room for one large plus one small hard-shell case. Alternatively there is room for two 46-inch golf bags with enough room left for a medium-sized hard shell case.

BMW M6 Convertible arriving this fall
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The BMW M6 Convertible will be available in standard BMW colors such as Black Sapphire, Silver Grey Metallic, Monaco Blue and Stratus Grey. It will also be offered in special M colors such as Indianapolis Red, Interlagos Blue, Silverstone and Sepang Bronze. The Merino Leather interior will be offered in a choice of three standard colors: Black, Silverstone and Sepang Bronze. Full leather is available as an option in the three standard colors as well as Indianapolis Red and Portland Brown. The interior may be further accented with the choice of optional carbon fiber trim.

Standard and optional features suit such an exclusive car

The BMW M6 Convertible will retail for $105,095 (including destination charges) and befitting the exclusive nature of the M6 Convertible, the list of standard features includes auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors, Park Distance Control, Adaptive Xenon Headlights, Bluetooth hands-free phone interface, On-board Navigation system with real-time traffic and Logic7 sound system. Also included is BMW Assist for four full years and enrollment in an exclusive one-day M driver training course at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, SC. The standard Logic7 sound system with surround sound simulation may be enhanced with optional Sirius Satellite Radio. The M6 Convertible owner can also travel with his or her complete music library thanks to the center-installed BMW interface for iPod. Other options include the Head-up Display and BMW Comfort Access.

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