In a recent interview with Automotive News, the new head of BMW’s M Division, Dr. Kay Segler, said that the German automaker is considering an M badged version of the entry level 1-Series. On the other hand he said that future M7 is not currently in the cards because its elevated development cost and the return on investment just isn’t there. There is also the question as to what the M1 will ultimately be called so not to confuse it with the original mid engine M1 super car which was the concern BMW’s design team faced when they came out with the 1-Series tii hot rod.

Q (Automotive News): How about a 1-series M or an M based on the new X1 crossover coming to Europe later this year and to the United States in 2011?

A (BMW’s Dr. Kay Segler): “You need an entry into M pricewise, but whether we can do that economically has to be determined. Dreams are always there, but we have to pay for them. An X1 is not a car that we would have.” “Give me a year or so to look into the 1 series.

Stay tuned to Top Speed for future information regarding a factory tuned production version of the baby Bimmer, the 1-Series.


Source: Bimmerfile

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.14.2009

well the top of the line 1 series has 300 hp what will this M car have

What will it be called it cant be M1

BMW really needs a supercar they say there is no market fo it know but the R8 is selling really well

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