When top-flight auto executives say something, a lot of us generally stop and pay attention.

So when Jim O’Donnell, BMW North America’s CEO, said that the next generation 6-Series, which will be launched in 2011, will be “the best-looking BMW in year”, then we have to stand up and take notice.

O’Donnell’s comment came from an interview with Automobile Magazine where he boldly proclaimed that the next-in-line 6 series will veer away from past designs and will look nothing like any of its predecessors. Although he expects to see a radically different 6 series, O’Donnell mentioned that the car will pretty much carry the same dimensions as that of the current model. Apart from that, the design of the car is anyone’s guess.

O’Donnell did not divulge any more out of fear of giving away too much too soon. But before doing so, he did say that the next-gen 6 series will be “super sleek.”

If we take what he said for what it’s worth, it would be hard to bet against BMW coming up with something we’ve never seen before, especially after they pretty much floored a lot of us with what they showed at Frankfurt last month, including the jaw-dropping BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car.


Source: BMW Blog

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