One series BMW for the States.

The new BMW One series is to be launched in the US, the small hatchback may have changes to the body style though.

BMW One series ready for US launch.

Yet another car that has been out for some is preparing for the US launch, the BMW One series is regarding by many as a baby BMW, with its sporty but economical styling the BMW is in effect a sports hatch that is set to hit the US market with a bang and sales should be booming as the demand is great for small sporty cars in the States now.

There may be some subtle changes to the car before the release date, which will be in 2007, as of yet there is no firm date for the release. In Europe the car is a hatchback, but hatchbacks do not really do well in the US, so BMW may bring it out in a coupe version which would be very interesting indeed.

This is the first venture into the small car market for BMW since the days of the BMW 2002, which is now a BMW icon, whether this car is a hit I the states is yet to be seen, it is a BMW, but a small and economical car that has prestigious branding with appeal, they cannot go wrong really.

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