From the "Are they serious?!" file comes a new spy shot of the BMW PAS. The Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) answers the question no one asked: "What would a wagon that’s bigger than a 5-series but smaller than a the 7-series look like?" I thought that’s why the not-so-useful X6 was developed. Honestly, I think BMW is building the PAS just so the "Bangled" designs have something to make them look good.


Source: BMW Blog

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 08.24.2008

I think BMWshould make a supercar as much as the M3 M5 and M6 are performance wise good they are not like a F-430 BMW should stay with the competition for example there rivals Audi and mercedes both have supercars the SLR and the R8 I am not expecting something like an SLR but more like an R8 and besides the M6 is similar in price range but instead they produce something totaly new I mean ofcourse there going to be the leaders in the PAS market because there the only ones as for other markets like sedan I think there is good competiton what they should also do is an X5 Pickup that would be nice to think about and will also get porsche to think about expanding there market but again theres fuel costs so probably an x3 pickup for environmentalist

BMWM6  (12) posted on 08.22.2008

i’ve been to there museum in munich and loved it but this has one of the ugliest grilles ive ever seen

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