BMW PAS: the old man's Bimmer?
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We’re still scratching our heads about the upcomingBMW Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS). We’re not quite sure where this Mercedes R-Class competitor really fits in the BMW line-up.

It seems we are not alone. The car has just been reported to have gotten a full green light for production, and the BMW spin machine is already in full effect. A BMW executive told Autocar that the PAS is, “one of the bravest designs ever signed off by BMW”, and another insider called it a “modern grand tourer with a luxury cabin and interior flexibility”. While the overall car still defies definition to us, BMW is now characterizing it as a “5-Series GT”. That’s very PR friendly.

Even though all of this may sound like good things, it still doesn’t explain why anyone would really want to buy one. But the truth about the PAS can’t hide forever. Autocar also found an insider that suggested BMW is aware of an ageing population who now find conventional sedans’ seat positions too low for comfort. In other words: a BMW for old people.

It could be the idea behind the PAS is to give grandpa something to drive when he can no longer get into the Z4. So, just like how you told him it wasn’t an “old folks home” but an “active senior’s community”; don’t tell tell him it’s a “progressive activity sedan” but a instead “5-Series GT”.


Source: Autocar

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