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BMW’s Performance Driving School in Greer, South Carolina is a great getaway for BMW enthusiasts and those who want to "discover the joy of driving" when not in a traffic-filled commute.

Is a $12.5 million state-of-the-art Performance Center with a skid pad, slalom course, water walls, professional driving instructors and of course, lots of new BMWs.

At the BMW Performance Driving School you will learn everything about controling and pushing a BMW to its limits. Courses are scheduled throughout the year and they even offer a class for teen drivers to help them sharpen their driving skills and to become defensive, safer drivers.


You will follow driving courses, designed to serve up real-world conditions that will help build confidence, improve your driving skills, and provide an exhilarating experience in the process.

Real Roads

With a series of interconnecting straight sections, loops, and corners, the course can be configured 35 different ways. The course’s tight, off-camber turns help load and unload a vehicle’s suspension, allowing drivers to experience how the vehicle handles in varying driving situations.

Water Wall

From the instructor’s tower, the BMW Driving School staff can press a button and cut a two-lane road in half with a wall of water. Drivers must make an instant decision about what to do. And be prepared to decide again, as there are five successive waterfall stages to negotiate. The aim is to teach proper accident avoidance techniques.


The skidpad is an area where varying surfaces present real-world scenarios. For instance, understeering and oversteering can be experienced in slippery "black ice" simulated conditions-allowing drivers to experience the benefits of traction control, Dynamic Stability Control, and anti-lock brakes.

Other Roads Course

Drivers encounter streams, gravel roads, steep inclines, and "BMW narrow" bridges during this 1.4-mile course designed to highlight the X5 Sports Activity Vehicle’s special abilities and to teach drivers the safest approaches to negotiate difficult terrain and obstacles.

Performance Driving Scholls

The Performance Driving School courses are led by professional BMW instructors who share a passion for teaching drivers how to drive safely and maximize exhilaration behind the wheel. designed both for beginners seeking to build confidence and advanced drivers looking to master the art of performance driving. You don’t have to own a BMW to come to one of our schools, all you need is a passion for driving.

One-Day X School

This class features driving exercises in BMW X5s and X3s on the paved and the Other Roads course. It is open to drivers of all sports utility-type vehicles - not just BMW owners. Offering essential lessons in handling and safety, the class teaches participants how to identify the center of gravity and how it impacts driving in a vehicle with advanced handling. Price: $550

Two-Day X School

This class features driving exercises in a BMW SAV. Day one features the controlled environment of the Other Roads course at the BMW Performance Driving School, and focuses on braking, balance and control. On day 2, lessons from day 1 are put to the test on the rugged real mountain trails of the Hickory Nut Falls course atop Chimney Rock Mountain in North Carolina. The Two-Day X School price is $995 for two drivers sharing a vehicle, but additional people can be added at $100 each, up to a total of four people. The 3rd and 4th persons will not be allowed to drive. Please call to register your guest or add a 3rd or 4th person. Price: $995

One-Day School

This one-day program emphasizes professional driving theory, supported by hands-on practice. Accident avoidance maneuvers and car-control skills are developed on several areas of the Performance Driving Course, including the water wall corridor, ultra-slick skid pad, slalom course, autocross circuit and lifestyle course. The instructors stress learning by doing, with plenty of opportunity for practice. Price: $550

Two-Day School

This two-day session picks up where the One-Day School ends. Participants spend more time on the skid pad and gain an in-depth understanding of the active safety technology to become safer, more responsible drivers. A portion of the second day is spent in a number of different BMW vehicles to demonstrate differences in vehicle dynamics. Price: $895

Women’s One-Day Driving School

Taught by accomplished professional women drivers, this one-day class was developed as a result of the positive feedback and camaraderie developed among the female participants in the Car Control School. Featuring information on personal safety for women, the class provides behind-the-wheel experiences and classroom theory that develop effective and safe driving skills. Price: $550

The address to the Performance Driving School is:
1155 Highway 101 South
Greer, SC 29651

You can lear more about the BMW Performance Driving school in here

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