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Already tired of urban SUVs? Too bad, because even more of them are coming. A recent report from Germany suggests that BMW will launch a rival for the upcoming Audi Q1. On the other hand, BMW has already told Automotive News that the report is "pure speculation," and that the company will not comment on speculation.

The original report came from Auto, Motor und Sport, who also found a name for the alleged BMW model: Urban Cross. Said to be based on the same UKL platform as the 2 Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer, and the next-generation X1, the Urban Cross would become the smallest BMW in the lineup. A FWD-based BMW crossover sitting below the X1 is probably not necessarily something to get overly excited about, although the German car magazine did mention that the entry-level model will have a coupe-like profile and feature more aggressive styling than its bigger brothers.

Auto, Motor und Sport has already predicted a 25,000 euros starting price in Germany when and if it is made, making it about as inexpensive as a 1 Series hatchback. Unlike the 1 Series, the Urban Cross will be much shorter, it will ride higher and will also hunt for the same type of buyers as the upcoming Audi Q1. Market launch is presumed to happen during 2017, one year after the second generation X1 is unveiled.

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Why it matters

If BMW’s lack of comment on the speculation weren’t enough, I have my own reasons for not believing a word that Auto, Motor un Sport said about the upcoming crossover. Why? The main reason is actually pretty simple, and it’s called the Mini Countryman – which, by coincidence, can be described in the exact same way as the future BMW model. Despite BMW switching to the UKL platform from Mini on its next compact models, that doesn’t mean that it will also start competing with Mini for market share using the same type of cars.

My guess is that the urban crossover that AMS is referring to is indeed coming, though it will not be a Mini Countryman with a BMW badge, but a model a bit larger than that with coupe styling. The Urban Cross name wouldn’t make a lot of sense for it, so I find the X2 a better choice, especially since it will essentially be the smallest member of the SAC (Sport Activity Coupe) family. Then again, I may be entirely wrong, but BMW competing against itself doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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