If you remember, a while ago we reported that BMW plans to raise their selling units by 1.8 million in 2012, and in the same time to be a real competitor in every segment of the auto-market. If Audi was the first to let us now that they have big plans for their line-up by 2015, now BMW reports that by 2012 they will add 12 new models to their line-up in all the segments: starting with the smaller 1-Series and up to the X6 crossover.

The smallest model will be a compact-car that will compete with the Audi A1 starting 2011. It will be a three-doors, four-seated, FWD model with a length of only 3.8 meters. But even if it will the shortest BMW ever, this doesn’t mean it won’t offer high technology. BMW says it will offer the Start&Stop system and brake energy recovery. Under the hood we will see both petrol and diesel engine, and later on a plug-in hybrid version will also be added.

An year before the launch of this compact model, BMW will launch the Mini Colorado, an SUV that will be built in Leipzig and will be powered by the standard Mini engine, including the 175 hp turbo one.

Also in 2010, the German company will also launch the new-generation 5-Series, first set to be launched as a concept in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Under the hood of the new 5-series we will see a wide range of engines, with powers between 170 and 480 hp. But, wait! This is just the beginning. There’s more; as an year later BMW will practically have no competition when they will launch the M5, a model that is said to be powered by a V10 biturbo engine with a maximum power of 600 hp!

And if you are a luxury-guy, you will be happy to know that in 2011 BMW will add the new generation 7-Series to their line-up. For the first time the 7-series limousine will be offered with an AWD system, pneumatic air suspension and also a hybrid model.

The luxury of the 2011 7-Series will only be over-fulfilled by the production version of the CS concept that will be unveiled in 2010. It will be offered with a choice of only two engines: a V8 one with a maximum power of 420 hp (the same as the M3) and the 507 hp V10 engine from the M5/M6.

Now, on the SUV/crossover segment, the smallest SUV will be the Q1, set to compete with models like Audi Q3 and Volkswagen Tiguan. The X1 will soon be followed by the next-generation X3, a model that is said to be larger than the current model sold in USA.

And finally, starting 2009 we will see the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) in our dealerships. First it will be offered in a crossover version that will compete with Mercedes R-Class, but later on a coupe version will also be added, featuring a FWD system and built on the platform of the 5-Series.

Source: Autozeitung

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