BMW is not interested in getting into the sub-compact crossover segment and competing with the Audi Q1. That news comes from Shawn Ticehurst, the Head of Product and Marketing Planning for BMW Australia in a recent interview.

That’s contrary to earlier reports by two separate German magazines that suggested BMW would enter the market sometime during 2017. The compact crossover was said to be smaller than the current X1 and would go head to head with the Q1.

Ticehurst says it simply won’t happen, pointing out that BMW already offers crossovers smaller than the X1 in its Mini division. Granted, the Mini Countryman isn’t as direct a competitor as a BMW-branded vehicle would be, but the products are still under the blue and white roundel.

That BMW won’t offer a sub-X1 crossover almost comes as a surprise, as BMW seems nearly dead-set on offering a vast product lineup with wagon and Gran Coupe versions of all its products. Either way, it’s hard to refute the words coming straight from the head product and marketing planner. Then again, Ticehurst could be throwing us for a loop.

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Why it matters

Audi has become one of BMW’s biggest competitors, rising from a comparative obscurity in the luxury car market to something of an unstoppable force. Now with compact crossovers becoming ever popular, it only makes sense for both automakers to dabble in the segment. Ticehurst does make a good point about Mini offering crossovers smaller than BMW’s X1, but the Mini brand does seem a bit down-market to be directly competing against the more upscale Audi.


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