BMW’s growing lineup figures to get a little more crowded as the German automaker seeps into new markets with models that are expected to make their debut in the coming years. Two, in particular, are looking like game changers when they make their respective debut in 2020.

According to Automobile Mag, BMW is expected to launch a premium four-door luxury coupe that will be slotted above the 7 Series. Given BMW’s history with the 8 Series, it does make sense for the this new model to get that nomenclature, but the German automaker is preparing this model to be an all-new entry, hence the likely route of naming it the 9 Series. That’s not the official name yet, and it may still evolve into something else, but there are signs that point to the car being a four-door, four-passenger coupe that will based on the LWB version of the 7 series. It will also assume the flagship model role for BMW, taking it away from the 7er. For now, the 9 Series is anticipated to receive a handful of engine options, including a twin-turbo V-8 and a six-cylinder, plug-in hybrid. A V-12 could also be in the cards, in the event the 9 Series gets an M9 variant, and just as important, an all-electric variant depending on how far sister company Rolls-Royce is with its all-electric platform.

The other interesting model that’s scheduled to hit dealerships is the BMW i6. At this point, no mention has been made of the i6, since most of the attention has been on i5 and the i7 sedans. But apparently, the i6 will also be joining the i family in 2020. No mention was made on what type of car it’s going to be, although the early description on the model points to a “modern yet practical package that’s roughly the size of a 3 Series sedan”. The i6 will also be built on a new “flat-floor” component and will prominently feature anywhere from two to four electric motors. A new lithium-polymer battery pack could also be in play, although that’s contingent on how far development on that front goes. Should it become available by 2020, the battery pack is being described as having three times the energy capacity as the existing units and will cut production expenses by half.

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Why it matters

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Just when it seemed like BMW had already ventured into one too many niches, the German automaker has found a way to once again expand its lineup. I’m no longer surprised at this point, although the prospect of a 9 Series model did catch me by surprise. So it’s going to be a four-door, four-passenger coupe that will become the company’s flagship model? Anytime there’s discussion of raising the bar as far as flagships are concerned, that’s huge news. I admittedly am still a little mucked on what the car is going to look like, but if it is as important as BMW says it’s going to be, then I’m going to be anxiously waiting to see what becomes of the 9 Series’ development from this point on.

Less surprising is the news about another model that will be added to BMW’s i family. This one I can get behind off the bat, although it does feel like the company’s trying to rush as many models to fit into this range. The i3 and the i8 are already available and past reports have said that the i5 and the i7 will join the band in the next few years. Now there’s talk of the i6 being added to the mix? Should it come true, that would be five models making up the i family in less than 10 years. That’s a pretty quick timetable to fill up the slots in that range.

Other than these two models, BMW is also expected to launch other models, including the replacement to the 1 Series. The German automaker has targeted 2018 for the arrival of this model, carrying with it a new front-wheel-drive platform that will replace its existing RWD architecture. The new FWD platform will also be used on the new X2 crossover and a new 2 Series Gran Coupe that’s also been circled for a 2020 release date.

My, oh my. If nothing else, nobody can accuse BMW of sitting on its hands. Far from it, if these reports end up becoming accurate.

BMW 9 Series

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