BMW prepares 7-Series M-sport package

BMW prepares 7-Series M-sport package
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A few days ago, Top Speed reported that the German automaker could be preparing an M version of their luxury lomousine. Unfortunately this is not true! The prototypes that were captured in the spy shots are nothing more than ordinary 7-Seires Bimmers wearing an M-sports package.

While the high performance aspect of factory tuned BMW 7-Series is till being left to luxury tuners Alpina, and their B7. More mundane 7-Series owners can at least make their vehicles look the part with the M-sport’s redesigned front bumper, grills in the fenders and quad tipped exhaust out back.

Despite this sad new we are still awaiting a BMW M7, however settling for an Alpina won’t be that hard. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that BMW is planning on creating a GT version of the stretched four door to go along with the 5 Series Grand Tourer.


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  (289) posted on 06.9.2009

What is noticeable with the new BMW line direction is that it is tuning most of its cars into compact platform...and they are not much into turning thier limo into sporty car. unless there will be a a series 7 that will come out with series 1 compact platform. I just couldn’t imagine.

  (314) posted on 06.9.2009

That is right, and I think its the BMW CEO who said already that a sports badge would not be for the luxury limo. Whether that 7 series was tuned by Alpina or just accidentally sports that M badge for whatever reason, to be honest, it’s not a good publicity.

  (318) posted on 06.9.2009

I think it is the series 1 coupe version is what they are developing for now. And well about the misinformation, it is always good to know that they did no go that far to make a 7 series with M badge, as it may not fit entirely to their line up

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