As you already know, BMW has announced plans for a future vehicle called Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS). According to, the new PAS will be unveiled in 2009, and will represent the future of BMW’s driving fun.

The PAS is a future competitor for the Mercedes R-Class. Like the latest X6 Concept, it will come as a basic four-seated version and will be built on an all-wheel-drive system. The difference between the X6 and the PAS is that the X6 takes its genes from the X5, while the PAS is inspired by the future 5-Series Touring (known internally as the F11) that will be coming in 2010.

So, are the PAS and the 2010 5-Series Touring going to be the same? No! And we are not talking only about the design. The biggest difference will be on the interior. The PSA wants to be a roof ridge four seated model, which is a fine traveling car that will offer you the possibility to adjust the height, length and inclination. How will you do that? Simple, the PAS will have an extra seat (will actually be a 4+1 seated model) that you can easily remove.

BMW Progressive Activity Sedan
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The interior will also offer you the latest technologies: DVD screens, MP3-Player and headphone, and an iDrive controller; as well as folding tables that are able to hide themselves.

In order to stress the car’s coupe characteristics just as it did with the X6, the PAS will set on extremely short overhangs, pumped fenders and also 21" wheels. It will have a length of 4.85m and will weight only 1900 kg. The PAS will be neither MPV nor SUV - and it will not be combination of them. BMW wants to make the PAS the best from it’s class. For example the PAS 3.0i, with an output of 306 hp is to accelerate in 6.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. To compare: A 335i is only 1.2 seconds faster. At the same time BMW promises a total consumption of 10.5 litres per 100 kilometers.

The PAS will be offered with four different engines: the PAS 3.0d with 245 hp and 550Nm; the PAS 3.0sd with 300 hp and 650Nm; the PAS 3.0si with306 hp and 400Nm and the PAS 4.0si powered by a V8 diesel engine with 408 PS and 600Nm.

Source: Autobild

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