BMW’s recent foray into the world of software applications has resulted in the offspring of yet another app for its M Series. Calling it the M Power Meter, the new iPhone app allows users the opportunity to gauge a number of unique features from their car including 0-60 times, distances, and g-forces experienced. Unlike other apps that charge you for the experience, the M Power Meter app is entirely free-of-charge and can downloaded straight from the App Store on Apple’s website. Apart from being free, it’s also painstakingly easy to use. All you have to do is download the software, accept the terms and conditions of the app, put it in your car in an upright position and you’re ready to go. The M Power Meter has a default 0-50km/h time that can be easily adjusted to as much as 200 km/h. Users can also opt to adjust the distance covered by the run from 100 meters, which is the standard, all the way up to 2,000 meters.

But quite arguably the most interesting part of the M Power Meter is that it can capture the amount of g-force – whether forward or lateral – a run can determine. Quite a nifty experience, if you ask us. We don’t know about you, but we’re the type of people that can’t seem to turn down something that’s being given for free – even if we don’t find the product necessarily appealing. Fortunately, the M Power Meter is something that we’ve been waiting a long time to come out so you can imagine our giddiness when it finally did.


Source: BMW

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  (221) posted on 09.27.2010

I love lego..smiley

  (331) posted on 08.8.2010

I hope other brand will make the same apps too not only for the BMW.

  (477) posted on 01.24.2010

The advent of is really very indulging. This new feature of BMW Cars will just add more sales for them.

  (780) posted on 01.11.2010

It’s like your playing "Trump Cars" where you will compare the performance stats of each cards that you randomly pick on your deck. Anyways it’s more on a kid’s application and even it "free", I’m not going to download that, just a waste of time.

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