BMW’s mysterious “DontBlogAboutThis” website has caught the attention of the auto industry much to the delight – as we can imagine – of the people from Bavaria. And despite the rather innocuous name of the site, we’re thinking that BMW was using nothing more than ‘reverse psychology’ on the whole thing, adamantly pointing out that all of us shouldn’t “blog about this” while knowing full well that the opposite was going to happen.

Now that we’ve fallen for BMW’s trap hook, line, and sinker, we’re delighted to let everybody know that the company has uploaded new photos and even a video of the mysterious BMW 6-Series Coupe concept that seems to be the only subject of the whole marketing campaign.

We’re still not sure what this car looks like – or what it is, for that matter – but we do know that BMW is probably running away with this gimmick until it’s ready to unveil the concept, which, we can only hope will be in Paris at the end of the month.


Source: DontBlogAboutThis

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  (612) posted on 10.5.2010

3,900 lbs, the pack must be big to move this hulk 100 miles. I like the idea. 4 hours charging must have learned something from AC Propulsion. Never did give the size of the pack but the batteries are suppose to be automotive specific. So 2015? Well it is better than a sharp stick, at least they are talking about it. In 2015 hopefully batteries will be loads more inexpensive. Kind of fluffy BMW.

  (858) posted on 09.20.2010

And by cutting out useless programs, and many of the "useful" ones, taxes will be lower, making a more attractive environment to invest in.

  (745) posted on 09.15.2010

Nice teaser car. Very masculine design.

  (364) posted on 09.14.2010

All I was thinking is that this will be a new X-Series of BMW.

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