Pay particular attention to online configurators and at some point, you’re bound to get so hooked to it that a week won’t be complete without you tinkering on your imaginary car.

Unfortunately, such is the fate of those who most probably can’t afford the real thing and therefore settle for the time-consuming load that are online configurators.

That being said, we still can’t get enough of ‘em so here it is, folks, the latest dress-up-your-imaginary-vehicle-and-pretend-it’s-your-new-2011 BMW X3.

Coming in a variety of packages, the 2011 BMW X3 is going to take a lot of effort to build. There’s a choice of engines, interior leather options, a technology package, and even color options that should make the building of your virtual 2011 X3 a mind-numbing task. If that’s not enough work for you, you’re also going to have to choose the type of model you want, ranging from the base model X3 28i ($37,625) to the top-of-the-line xDrive 35i ($41,925).

And if you’re feeling particularly rich on this day, you can max out every available package for a princely sum of $56,750.


Source: BMW

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  (619) posted on 11.17.2010

These new concept cars are something else. Any word on the new Saab that was supposed to be introduced or is that my imagination?

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