• BMW Replaces Entire Engine Line With Toyota 2JZ

From its compact sedans, to its full-size SUVs, all BMWs will now come the legendary Japanese powerplant

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Bending to popular demand, BMW has announced it will replace the entirety of its engine lineup with the venerable Toyota 2JZ inline six-cylinder. The announcement follows widespread public resentment over BMW’s involvement in the development of the fifth-generation Toyota Supra.

Two Jay Zee Engine, No Scheisse

2020 Toyota Supra
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When Toyota unveiled the 2020 Supra at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, the public's reaction was mixed.

While some applauded the return of the iconic performance nameplate after more than 20 years on the shelf, others felt that the Supra’s BMW-sourced turbo 3.0-liter engine “ruined” the whole thing.

Nowhere was this sentiment more prevalent than on the Internet, where bold keyboard warriors voiced their disgust on social media and various enthusiast forums.

“tehy call it a supra but it isnt a supra!!!!!1!” posted disgruntled YouTube user CrazeeDriftrSkillz. “its just a z4 with toyota bages! no 2jz, and its ugly two!!!”

As of this writing, the comment had over 1,000 upvotes.

CX-Racing is Developing a 2JZ Swap Kit for Those Not Happy with the BMW Engine in the 2020 Toyota Supra
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In response, BMW has announced it will halt engine production and cancel every one of its engine development programs, and will instead install the Toyota 2JZ across the entirety of its product lineup.

Without BMW’s support, Toyota is expected to equip the 2020 Supra with the 2JZ going forward.

“The public has spoken, and BMW has listened,” said Harald Krüger, CEO at BMW. “BMW has been building engines for more than 100 years, and we spend billions on R&D annually. However, we’ve now come to realize that what consumers really want is a 30-year-old platform that was featured in a movie once.”

“Looks like we’ll be doing the 2JZ swap for years to come now,” Krüger added. “We believe this change of course will help us decimate all.”

Christopher “BoostBoy” Rawlings, founder and head moderator of the Toyota Supra Appreciation Society, responded to the announcement, telling TopSpeed that he was “pleased that BMW has finally seen the light.”

Watch the First 2JZ-Swapped 2020 Toyota Supra Tear Ass Just a Week Before It Burst Into Flames
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“I’m still not gonna buy a fifth-gen Supra,” Rawlings explained, “but at least I know that BMW’s reign of terror has ended. Now I don’t have to worry about them ruining the car I love any more than they already have.”

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