German automaker was quick on its wit with this teaser image

BMW has released a teaser image of the future M3 and M4, giving us our first slightly decent look at the two high-powered sedans. The image shows the front-end of the all-new M4 (G82) alongside the rear section of the just-as-all-new M3 (G80).

The German automaker dropped some cheekiness in the image, hiding two well-placed Easter eggs for all those who attempt to get a clearer picture of the two models’ exterior designs. So in case any of you try to outwit BMW, the automaker’s marketing and PR departments have a surprise or two waiting for you.

What are the Easter eggs BMW hid in the teaser image?

BMW Resorts to Tesla-Style Trolling With Latest BMW M3 and M4 Teaser Image
- image 917768

You won’t see them if you look at the unedited version of the image. It’s too dark. For the Easter eggs to appear, you’re going to have to use the power of Photoshop to brighten — apply plenty of contrast and highlights — the image and get a better look at the two cars ahead of their debuts. Do that and focus your attention on the boot of the M3. Squint your eyes and you’ll see the “Nice Try” inscription on the boot of the M3. Very cheeky of you, BMW.

But BMW’s not done. The all-new M4 is also the bearer of an Easter egg that’s conveniently located on the front, driver-side fender. Again, you’re going to have to look closely because it’s hard to make out the message even with a high contrast setup. Raise it high enough, though, and the word “Nope” can be clearly seen.

These two inscriptions won’t appear on the M3 and M4 when they make their respective debuts later this year. The messages are just subtle jabs at editors who have made it a habit of trying to one-up automakers like BMW by deducing an all-new model’s design ahead of their debuts.

Is there more to the teaser image than just the easter eggs?

BMW Resorts to Tesla-Style Trolling With Latest BMW M3 and M4 Teaser Image
- image 917397

Yes. It also reveals several notable details about both models. Take the all-new M3 (G80), for example. The quad exhaust, which has been a staple in the M3 since the E46-generation, is once again in use in the next-generation M3 G80. You can also make out the outline of a spoiler on the rear end of the M3. Neither of these elements counts as surprising additions, in part because we’ve seen them in past generations of the M3.

What really caught our attention — ultimately confirming a long-established rumor — was the next-generation BMW M4 G82, specifically the all-new sports coupe’s front section. Outside of the aforementioned Easter egg and the new headlight setup that we’ve seen in other recent Bimmers, we also get a good look at BMW’s oversized and controversial kidney grille sitting oh-so comfortably in the middle of the M4’s front section.

BMW Resorts to Tesla-Style Trolling With Latest BMW M3 and M4 Teaser Image
- image 917767

Say what you will about BMW’s decision to push forward with the new kidney grille design, but it’s looking clear now that no amount of pushback from fans dissuaded the automaker from using the new kidney grille design on the new M4 model. We don’t know if the G80 M3 will carry the same oversized kidney grille, but seeing as both models have shared design cues in the past, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the all-new M3 wearing the same front end as its M4 counterpart.

When will the next-generation BMW M3 and BMW M4 debut?

BMW Is Outgunning Mercedes and Audi With the new BMW M3 and M4
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All things considered — that remains a big ask given the state of the world we live in now — BMW is scheduled to unveil the next-generation M3 G80 and next-generation M4 G82 sometime this September. Both models are supposed to debut at the 2020 Frankfurt Motor Show, but seeing as the show has been canceled, look for BMW to create its own event specifically to showcase the two new M models.

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