No confirmation from BMW yet, but the voices are getting louder

There’s been a lot of talk regarding the possible return of the BMW 8 Series, and while most of the whispers have yet to be formally acknowledged by the higher-ups in Bavaria, a fresh report from German publication Automobilwoche hints at the possibility that the 8 Series will actually feature a family of models that will include a V-12 variant and a range-topping M8.

Before anybody gets a little too excited, it must be said that there’s still no official confirmation from BMW about these reports. But this new development adds to the growing number of whispers surrounding the automaker’s plans for bringing back the 8 Series at the expense of trimming down its 6 Series lineup. Remember, a previous report from BMW Blog indicated that part of the reason why BMW is reportedly keen on reviving the 8 Series nameplate is to keep pace with the Mercedes’ S-Class Coupe, something that the current 6 Series has failed to do. The plan, at least according to that report, was to develop an 8 Series Coupe that will take on that role while also filling the gap between the 7 Series and the Rolls-Royce Wraith, which still falls under BMW’s umbrella. That model is being penciled to make a 2018 debut, which would then be followed by a convertible version in 2019, and a potential M8 range-topper soon thereafter.

This development also ties into another report regarding BMW’s recent filing of trademark application on a number of 8 Series-related names, including 825, 830, 835, 850, 845, 860, M850, and of course, M8.

Obviously, none of these reports will matter until BMW either confirms or denies them. That said, the whispers of a possible return for the 8 Series are growing and the more we hear from these “sources,” the sooner it could take for BMW to officially let the cat out of the bag, if there is one to begin with.

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Care to shed light on these reports, BMW?

I can understand why a lot of people are excited about these reports indicating the return of the 8 Series. Heck, I’m one of them because the old 8 Series was and still is one of my all-time favorite cars. And if you think about it, BMW’s premium lineup does need a little bit of structure because the current portfolio seems to have a few overlapping models. The 8 Series would clear that up quickly because it will be established as the unquestioned flagship model of BMW. That status would trickle down to the 7 Series as mid-premium market model and the 6 Series as the entry level premium market model

Granted, it’s not as simple as that for BMW because the company needs to account for a lot of things, not the least of which is the money it has to spend to make it happen and how much it can recoup from it should it go there. I get it that the business case may not always jive with a romanticized automotive lineup and BMW is required to look at all these scenarios before making any decision.

But I think the opportunity is there because an 8 Series would be beneficial for BMW in the short and long term. It’s even more important now when you have rival companies beefing up their own luxury offerings in an effort to gain a bigger share of the pie. There’s also a scenario with the advent of electrification and autonomous driving that there will come a point in time wherein these technologies would serve a huge purpose for premium models in the future.

I still don’t know where BMW’s head is at regarding a possible revival of the 8 Series name. But I’d like to think that they’re leaning on the side of going for it because the pros of bringing it back outweigh the cons.

2019 BMW 8 Series

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