• BMW’s Big, Controversial Grille Will End Up Being a 4 Series Exclusive

Not a fan of the BMW 4 Series grille? Don’t worry, it won’t make it on other cars

The latest BMW 4 Series was unveiled earlier in June 2020, and the only thing everyone is still talking about is the coupe’s front grille. Unlike other modern BMW’s, the 4 Series sports a taller kidney grille that extends into the bumper. This feature is taken from the BMW Concept 4, and it’s a highly controversial element. While many BMW enthusiasts hate it to death, others think that it’s a cool design feature that helps the 4 Series stand out. BMW is aware of that and finally decided to answer the big question: will this grille make it on other models? In short, it won’t!

BMW wants the 4 Series to remain unique

BMW's Big, Controversial Grille Will End Up Being a 4 Series Exclusive Exterior
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Speaking to BMW Blog, BMW design boss Domagoj Dukec said that the controversial grille won’t be transferred to other models.

"The Kidneys are not changing for all BMWs. We wanted to give the 4 Series a very particular kidney grille,"

he said while admitting that the 4 Series is "not for everybody" as far as exterior design goes.

Dukec went on to explain that a successful design should be unmistakable, and that was exactly what BMW wanted from the 4 Series. The second goal was to create a 4 Series that doesn’t look like a derivative of an existing model. The previous 4 Series was pretty much identical to the 3 Series up front, so Dukec wanted to avoid a follow up on that. But even though the 4 Series no longer looks like the 3 Series in the front, the two continue to share several body panels and styling cues.

BMW's Big, Controversial Grille Will End Up Being a 4 Series Exclusive Exterior
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Dukec says that BMW plans to take other nameplates into a more unique design territory in the future, but it will turn to other features, not just a massive grille.

The BMW 4 Series’ big grille is not as weird as you think

1972 BMW 3.0 CSi High Resolution Exterior
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It may seem like this new grille that goes well into the bumper is against BMW's tradition, but it's actually inspired by the company's classic models.

The BMW E9, famous for the 3.0 CSi and CSL trims, featured a similar grille. This model was produced from 1968 to 1975. Also a coupe, it’s a spiritual predecessor to the 6 Series.

The long grille goes back in time even more. The 501, produced from 1952 to 1962, had a grille that was as tall as the front fascia. The limited-edition 503 coupe that BMW introduced in 1956 wasn’t very different either. Finally, the 3200 CS from 1962, yet another limited-edition coupe, was similar to the E9.

Source: BMW Blog

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