Sorry, BMW. Despite your best efforts in telling everyone to not “blog about this”, we just can’t help it. To be fair, your message is counterintuitive because the sheer message alone is compelling enough that we do, in fact, have to blog about it.

In case you folks don’t know what we’re talking about, there’s a new website that was launched recently that calls itself, “Don’t Blog About This”. When you go to the site, you’ll notice that the website may have come from BMW because the only thing the entire site shows are two photos and two teaser videos of what appears to be a BMW 6-Series concept. The concept itself is hard to identify, but judging from the photos, the car, which has been dressed in matte black, looks to be an entirely new concept that we haven’t seen before.

How do we even know if this is a BMW-owned site? Well, we put on our detective hats and did some digging – we actually just clicked the site’s legal disclaimer – and found this message: “BMW Group appreciates your interest in its products and your visit to this website.”

No surprises there.

Anyway, we have no idea what this whole gimmick is about other than it could be a new concept that BMW is planning on unveiling sooner than later. And with the Paris Motor Show coming up in a few weeks, we’ll even bet a few stones that this mysterious concept somehow finds itself on the showroom floor.

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Source: DontBlogAboutThis

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  (4) posted on 09.9.2010

It would appear that this "mystery" 6 Series is either a hybrid or electric vehicle. If you lok at the tires as it pulls away they are very narrow - narrow tires reduce rolling resistance (re: friction) which is useful when trying to conserve power.

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