The most famous of car brands all have one thing in common: they have badges that are so universally recognized, the mere sight of a distinct badge immediately gets associated with the car brand. One of the automakers that can proudly hold this distinction is BMW and its roundel ‘propeller’ logo.

While the logo itself is recognizable by just about every person on the planet, a company that calls itself Zafira Consulting & Trading has come up with a pretty unique idea of making the BMW logo come to life, literally.

In simple terms, BMW’s roundel logo moves. Yeah, it actually does. Of course, this is merely an idea by a company who probably had too much free time on its hands. But if we were BMW, we’d take a real close look at this because the whole moving logo bit is actually a cool idea. Whether or not the German automaker likes it, though, is an entirely different matter, but given that we’re entitled to give our two cents worth on it, we’d like to see something like this on a real BMW car somewhere down the road.


Source: YouTube

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