By the end of 2010 BMW is going to diversify it’s models: coupes, convertibles, sedans and SUVs will be build to make BMW a stronger and stronger competitor on the market.

The first big news from BMW is the new Z8, a convertible that is supposed to become the next Mercedes SL, only that sportier and easier. It is not decide yet if the model will be launched by the 2nd of 2010, but BMW has plans for something more than just a simple concept: front engine, RWD, less weight, two seats, removable hardtop. The new model is supposed to be build from 2010 to 2017, 15000 pieces a year. The price will be somewhere arround 80000-100000 euro (arround 105000-130000$ german price).

Then, by the end of 2009 a new Z4 will be build, this time a convertible version for the acctual Z4 model, but with more harmonious lines, maintaining the same sporty character.

Another convertibles coming from BMW: 1-series at the end of 2007, 3-series at the end of 2006 (or maybe in the summer).

Another model, SUV this time, is rumorred to be build in Austria and will debut an the same time with larger and more expensive X5. And of course the X5, at the begining of 2007. The X5 is being built again in Spartanburg - USA, americans being the principal clients.

6 is following 5, so the end of 2008 will bring the new X6, build after the platform af Nissan Infiniti FX45: high belt line, roof portion reduced, large wheels.

And finally the fifth 7 series-generation will come in september 2008. The new flagship does not provoke no more, but returns to the dynamic line.

We can’t wait for this new models to hit the market!

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