This is an interesting way to promote self-driving capability, don’t you think?

The age of autonomous or self-driving cars is slowly creeping up on us and, with each new year that passes, semi-autonomous technology is getting better and better as we inch toward the day when human driving could be outlawed altogether. With that said, a recent report provided by Cox Automotive points out that 84-percent of people surveyed would still prefer the option of driving themselves, leaving just 16-percent of those surveyed willing to give up full control. To make matters worse, the overall acceptance of self-driving technology over the last two years has fallen by 18-percentage points. That probably, at least in part, comes thanks to recent high-profile autonomous car accidents, like the fatal accident with one of Uber’s self-driving cars. As such, it’s not surprising that automakers are scrambling to prove that their autonomous technology is safe – we can always trust them, right?

In the video you see below, BMW has chosen one of its autonomous test vehicles with the co-star being none other than a scary-looking ghost in the woods. Naturally, the self-driving car stops in the middle of the road, long before it could run over the scary ghost because, you know, self-driving technology is just that good. As the video proceeds, the ghost opens the car door to find nobody in the driver’s seat, gets scared, and scurries off into the woods like a very naughty mouse that was caught in your kitchen cupboard. Then we see the phrase “NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF” flash across the screen.

This video can be seen in one of two ways. The way BMW wants you to see it is that its self-driving technology is so good that it can even stop for a lifeless entity in the middle of a dark wooded road in the middle of the night – a place where no car (or driver for that matter) really has any business being anyway. That’s great- BMW’s self-driving tech will stop for anything. Not that I’d want my car to stop for a ghost, ghoul, goblin, or any other form of the undead – can you imagine how useless autonomous cars would be in a zombie apocalypse? Anyway, YAY; it is super safe.

I, on the other hand, look at this video a completely different way. First off, why was this self-driving car in the middle of the darkest, creepiest looking wooded road in the middle of the night? Maybe the car had gone rogue after the passenger stopped to take a leak. A brave soul that would have been. But, I digress. I think the real message here is that even ghosts – the leftover souls of those that once walked this earth – are scared of self-driving technology. Now, that, my friends, is something to take note of. If a creepy ghost walking down a dark road in the middle of the night, with clear intentions of scaring the hell out of someone, is scared of self-driving cars, then shouldn’t we be scared of them as well? Anyway, it’s just a thought. Enjoy the video!

Autonomous Driving- Nothing to Fear

In the year 2000, we set out on a quest, to bring to life our vision of an automobile that people could drive themselves – but didn’t have to. With the launch of the new BMW Group High Performance D³ platform, as well as the opening of the Autonomous driving campus in 2018, we are making our vision a reality together. Read more here:

Posted by BMW Group on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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