• BMW’s New Black and White Badge Is A Sign Of Things To Come

Premium models will be getting new-look badges soon

BMW showed up to IAA 2017, aka the Frankfurt Auto Show, ready to make waves, and make waves it did. There was no shortage of new models to look at, and a few others that we’ve already seen. Highlights included cars like the BMW I Vision Dynamics Concept, the BMW Concept X7 iPerformance, BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, BMW X3, BMW i3 and i3S, the new BMW M5, and the BMW M8 GTE – the car that previews the future M8. It also brought a couple of special editions in tow along with concepts we’ve already seen like the 8 Series and the Concept Z4. All of this is great, but at the same time, the German marque also announced something much smaller and maybe even a little controversial. See, the brand has decided to separate its “premium” models (is there such a thing as a non-premium BMW?) from the rest of the lineup with a special badge. That’s right; your next BMW might not wear the traditional black, white, and blue badge. Oh, how time changes things, huh?

The logo isn’t a departure from the iconic BMW badge that we all recognize. It’s still the same, except that it’ll be featured entirely in black and white, with no trace of blue. It’ll also feature the words “Bayerische Motoren Werke,” the automaker’s spelled-out name from which the “BMW” acronym comes from. Granted, Bimmer hasn’t specified which of its models will be given the simplified black and white badge, but a quick look at the company’s revamped lineup provides the likelihood that models like the 7 Series and the upcoming 8 Series and X7 SUVs all have the inside track at wearing the new badge. An announcement is expected to happen sooner than later, but in any case, start getting used to this new logo from BMW. It may be more of the same from a design point of view, but for as long as we’ve known and appreciated the black, white, and blue badge, it’s going to take as much time to get used to this new version.

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I have no problems with this new logo

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I understand and recognize whatever potential criticisms BMW may face for making this move. A certain population of its loyal customers take great pride in the company’s logo and its place in history. Anything that changes that, or even alters it the least bit by removing one color, and you’re going to see some pushback from a lot of people.

To that, I say get over it.

But simply removing the blue section of the BMW logo doesn’t change the fact that it’s still the same logo

Sure, I recognize the significance of BMW’s logo, but just because the company wants to make a few alterations to it, that doesn’t mean that it’s tarnishing the badge. Things change. Progress happens. It’s not like the whole logo is completely different now. If that were the case, I’d be more inclined to protest, too. But simply removing the blue section of the BMW logo doesn’t change the fact that it’s still the same logo.

And for what it’s worth, I actually like that the company is making a more concrete and tangible approach in differentiating its premium lineup with the rest of its models. There needs to be one in the first place, especially for a mainstream company like BMW that has more than enough models to in its portfolio. I’d want models like the 7 Series and the upcoming 8 Series and X7 SUV to have something that they can call their own. These models are flagships for a reason and a different logo helps in establishing the differentiation between them and the rest of the company’s lineup.

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I am curious how the company is going to apply the new badge to its premium lineup. Will it affect the kinds of body colors these cars will have? Will it even be used in the same way compared to the standard badge? These are the questions that I’m interested to get answers on because it will have aesthetic repercussions on how these models are presented. I’m willing to wait to get an answer from BMW, but as far as the whole business of creating a black and white logo for its premium models is concerned, I have no issue with it.


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2019 BMW X7 Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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