It is time to call technology our extended family

The holiday-themed videos that car companies generally come up with are funny and hilarious; something that is not very deep and spreads only joy and happiness. But then there are some videos like this one from BMW; emotional, touching and heart-warming. The German also modestly shows how technology is changing the lives of people.

Will Make You Smile At The End

The video is shot in one of BMW’s production plants where an employee is turning off all the lights in the factory to go spend time with loved ones. As the man is almost done, he heads to a room where robots are seen taking care of him by giving him some refreshments and Christmas gifts. This not only shows that BMW takes care of its employees but also goes on to say that ‘At the BMW Group, technology supports people.’ Very subtle, BMW.

Well Done!

BMW's New Holiday Commercial Shows Off Technology with Christmas Spirit
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This is the time where automakers reflect back and see how they have graced the year. In this case, the video is more than what meets the eye. BMW has had a successful year; in fact, one of its best since its inception. Although the annual sales reports will be out in the first week on January, we have the sales report for the first three quarters, and things looked pretty. BMW sold 1,566,216 vehicles around the world, which is 1.9-percent more than the same period in 2017. The major contributors were the X3 and the 5 Series.

BMW sold 132,478 examples of the X3 worldwide, an increase of 15.3 percent, and 286,180 copies of the 5 Series, showing a growth of up 14.9 percent from January to September.

It’s a Mixed Bag

BMW's New Holiday Commercial Shows Off Technology with Christmas Spirit
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Rolls Royce also witnessed one of its best years with 2,659 cars being sold off the shelves from January to September 2018. Things look even better in the coming year as the automaker will begin delivering its first SUV, the Cullinan, to customers. Mini, however, did not see a positive trend. The first three quarters of 2018 saw Mini sell 265,935 cars, down by 2-percent when compared to last year during the same period.

Nevertheless, BMW Group should be happy moving forward. What are your thoughts on the video, and the successful year the Bavarian had? Let us know in the comments section below.

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