Revolutionary beverage dispenser is the latest technological masterpiece from the German automaker

Just as other automakers are filing patents for new car layouts and technologies like Targa roofs and active aerodynamics systems, BMW is turning its attention on making sure that you never have to spill champagne in your car ever again. The German automaker known for its technical prowess in the auto industry has filed a patent for a beverage dispenser that can fill your glasses upwards from the bottom instead of you having to pour the drink over the top. First-world problems? You bet.

BMW's New Patent Is All About Making Sure You Don't Spill Your Champagne Ever Again
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How many times has this happened to you? You’re sitting in the back seat of your BMW 7 Series, unwinding after a long day at the office. Then the urge to have a drink kicks in and just as you’re pouring sparkling rose water into your glass, your car drives over a pothole. Yikes.

BMW’s new patent seeks to remedy that apocalyptic scenario. It doesn’t have a name — that we know off — yet. But the purpose is as clear as the day is bright. Basically, BMW’s patent involves a pair of one-way, spring-loaded valves (one that goes down in the base and the other that goes up in the glass) that can serve your liquor persuasion without having to worry about spilling it all over the cashmere carpets of your Bimmer. All you have to do is press down on the glass and then press a subsequent button to see liquid shoot up and fill your cup. It doesn’t matter what it is. There are two beverage reservoirs concealed within the system so you can have your fill of wine, champagne, vodka, beer, soda, or just plain H2O. Even better, the two reservoirs mean that you can also mix your drinks if that suits you. Care for a coke and rum? No problem. A vodka spritzer? Coming right up, dear sir.

There are two beverage reservoirs concealed within the system so you can have your fill of wine, champagne, vodka, beer, soda, or just plain H2O.

Naturally, the patent is getting a lot of traction in the news because, well, it’s different awesome. Who really cares about a Targa roof when you can have BMW’s beverage dispenser system at your beck and call.

It’s unclear exactly what BMW’s plans are for this new patent, but we’re not going to get too excited until we actually see it installed in a car. Most patents don’t go anywhere beyond the paper they’re printed on, so there’s a scenario where we won’t get to test out this technological marvel. Even if Bimmer somehow decides to bring this new technology to life, don’t expect to see it in your typical Bimmers. The 3 Series probably won’t get it, and forget about the 1 Series, too. Mini? Good one.

Nope. Nope. Nope. This equipment is reserved for super luxury rides like the BMW 7 Series or any model with a Rolls-Royce badge on it. That means that if BMW decides to develop the patent for practical use, we’re only going to test it out if we have enough money to spend on a 7er or a Phantom. There are other ways, sure, but at that point, it’s probably best to just use the money on alcohol.

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