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  • BMW’s Technik program celebrates 25th anniversary
    25 years of BMW Innovation (Forschung und) Technik GmbH

    25 Years of BMW Innovation, covering the concept vehicles Z1, E1, Z13, Z18, Z21, Z22, Z29. Innovative force entails future capability. The BMW Group owes its status as the worlds most successful manufacturer of premium automobiles to an outstanding development concept in all areas relevant to driving pleasure, sustainability and safety. The principles of this pre-eminence have been forged over the last quarter of a century in BMW (Forschung und) Technik GmbH. The researchers operating within the framework of this think tank develop technologies and concepts for individual mobility in tomorrows world. The subsidiary was created 25 years ago as BMW Technik GmbH. With this company the BMW Group has a centre of competence that is unique throughout the world. It safeguards and expands technology leadership for BMW by providing a constant stream of innovations.