With the economy not expected to rise from the ashes anytime soon, car manufacturers are looking at every possible way to cut costs and defer their spending on more appropriate endeavors.

For BMW, it comes at the expense of their Formula One team.
Apparently, the BMW F1 Team is withdrawing its entry for the 2010 F1 season, signaling the end of a decade long – first as an engine supplier in 2000 and later as its own official team in 2006 - participation at the world’s most prestigious racing league, where it managed to win just one race when Robert Kubica won the 2008 Canadian GP.

As it stands, there is expected to be a press conference at the BMW Headquarters in Munich tomorrow to formally announce BMW’s decision to leave F1, which as everyone seems to be saying, is prompted by the German automakers intent to re-direct its resources to the ‘’development of new drive technologies and projects in the field of sustainability’

Despite its withdrawal from Formula One, it is widely expected that BMW’s other racing ventures, particularly in touring cars, the US Le Mans Series and Formula BMW, will continue on.

We’re assuming that BMW’s exit from Formula One isn’t just motivated by its mediocre performance but more so, because it was too expensive to maintain, given that the company, just like every other car maker on the planet, is looking at any way to cut costs and use their money for something more worthwhile.

Source: CNN International

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  (1024) posted on 07.30.2009

Yep, one of the drivers cracked his skull so Schumachers going in. Nice to see the legend back in acton.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.29.2009

speaking about formua1 hows massa
and any of ypu guys heard that michael schumacher is gonna take his place

BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.29.2009

they were getting really good this season has been crazy high class consttructors are losing and the underdogs are winning

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