• BMW Still Isn’t Sure If It Will Make a Lightweight M2 CSL

But it would be the hottest 2 Series ever!

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The BMW M2 became really cool in late 2019 when the German firm unveiled the CS model. Although it’s not different design-wise, it features extra carbon fiber and CFRP components and, more importantly, an M4-sourced engine that generates 444 horsepower. With the M4 CS on its way to showrooms, enthusiasts were wondering when will BMW launch the lighter CSL version. Well, it seems we’re going to wait for a while, as BMW hasn’t decided if it will make one yet.

The BMW M2 CSL is being considered

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In a video posted by BMW’s M division on social media, M GmbH CEO Markus Flasch said that Munich hasn’t decided on the M4 CSL. "To be honest, we haven’t decided yet," he said, confirming that BMW is actually considering such a model.

"But we will do more special models than in the past. We want to show that our cars are driven from the racetrack and we want to close the gap between a Competition high performance car and a race car. And a CS or maybe even a CSL are alternatives that we take a closer look at," he added.

The statement leaves the M4 CSL’s fate a mystery, but at least now we know that it’s being considered. But should BMW decide to greenlight the project, don’t expect it to arrive before 2021.

The M2 CS was scheduled to go into production in March 2020, but car factories were shut down due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, so there will be delays.

However, BMW will probably build all 2,200 units by the end of the year.

The BMW M2 CSL will be the most exciting M2 ever

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Three major changes will set the CSL apart from the CS. For starters, the car will be notably lighter. BMW will replace some of the CS’ standard components with carbon fiber and CFRP parts. The CS already features a carbon splitter, hood, diffuser, and mirror caps, but the CSL will also feature a full carbon roof and maybe even carbon fiber fenders. It will also feature a rear wing, so the CSL will also look a bit more aggressive.

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BMW will also make significant changes to the chassis and suspension. The latter will be stiffer in order to improve handling on the track, while the chassis will feature new components, likely borrowed from the company’s racing program. Finally, the 3.0-liter inline-six engine from the CS will be upgraded for improved power.

Output will probably increase from 444 horsepower to around 480 horses. Torque should also raise from 406 to around 430 pound-feet. The lower eight and the extra oomph will make the CSL around two tenths quicker than the CS from 0 to 60 mph. Expect the coupe to hit the benchmark in 3.6 clicks.

The CSL will be the last high-performance iteration of the current-generation 2 Series.

Source: BMW Blog

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