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Given how the last couple of months have unfolded with spy shots, leaks, teasers, and what not, the 3 Series is finally here to address all the hype. The seventh-generation of the BMW 3 Series will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show next week. In fact, even BMW has left no stone unturned to make sure that the 3 Series gets the royal treatment it deserves. In a tweet today, the Bavarian teased us again with three new images.

2019 BMW 3 Series Teasers

Aptly termed as ‘teasers,’ the images don’t reveal much. But here we are, breaking down and analyzing every bit as if it’s a post-mortem report. Anyway, coming to the point, in the first image we see the front wheel with a blue caliper.

The M badge on the fender and the black window trim, confirms that this is the M340i.

Interestingly, BMW has ditched the air dam on the fender. Almost all cars from the 4 Series Coupe have the new Air Breather just behind the wheel to aid aerodynamics. Is the car so aerodynamically balanced that the automaker ditched the Air Breather vent altogether?

In the other image, we get to see the famous ‘Hofmeister Kink’; where the top section of the window trim comes down to make a point with the bottom section, something like an arrow. It’s unorthodox and may draw polarising opinions. And, in the last picture, we get a glimpse of the interior and the steering wheel.

BMW Teases New 3 Series Ahead of Paris Reveal
- image 797141

Will BMW give us a few more glimpses before D-Day? We really hope they do. What are your thoughts on the latest workhorse from the BMW stable? Share them in the comments section below.

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