BMW to expand production in China

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Chinese love Beemers. They gobble up all the BMW’s produced in no time, leaving the manufacturer gasping for breath.

To feed the BMW-hungry market, the German manufacturer has planned to step on the gas and produce 45% more cars in the following months which is roughly about 44,000 extra cars a year. BMW’s sales and marketing chief Stefan Krause, said the company experienced a 37 percent rise in 2007 sales to more than 61,000 cars.

BMW is partnered by Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd to make 3 and 5 Series cars in the Chinese plant situated in Shenyang.

"It is our clear goal to strengthen our lead as the most successful premium provider in Asia," Krause said.

BMW aims to sell more than 2 million cars worldwide by 2020, and raise the operating margin to 8-10 percent by 2012 from 5.5 percent for the first nine months of 2007.


Source: Reuters

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  (364) posted on 10.4.2010

That’s great news. BMW has had good success this year. And the cars are good looking too.

SpikeX5  (60) posted on 02.5.2008

BMW is becoming to be a Nazi party

Get what I mean

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