Does anyone remember what happens to a row of dominoes when the first one is knocked over? If you answered, they all come tumbling down along with the first one then you would be absolutely right. After all, it’s where we got the term, "domino effect" and it is a perfect illustration of the BMW world and its hybrid technology.

BMW introduced the ActiveHybrid technology in their 7-series model before moving on to the 6-series. Now, they have completed the 5-series ActiveHybrid and fully intend on divulging the hybrid powertrain to the entire 5-series lineup. The full hybrid 5-Series is set to be revealed in 2011 with the hopes of moving on to the 3-series after that. It’s a world gone hybrid!

"As early as next year, the new BMW 5 Series will also be available as a full hybrid. And we are anticipating the hybridisation of further models series, such as the BMW 3 Series," Norbert Reithofer said at the carmaker’s annual general meeting in Munich.

The company’s main target is to achieve the new European standard emission regulations that say that new cars should have a C02 emission of no more than 95 grams.

The 5-Series ActiveHybrid uses a modular mild hybrid system that combines a 40 kW electric motor with a 300HP twin-scroll turbo inline-six engine. The hybrid 5-Series can function as a full hybrid, operating in electric-only mode at city speeds.


Source: Automotive News

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  (815) posted on 05.24.2010

Let’s see how it will perform on Full hybrid. To be honest I really don’t like the bimmer into hybrid.

  (858) posted on 05.20.2010

I think this would be BMW’s second full hybrid on offer after the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 launched at the end of last year. Hoping that they achieved success in the market.

  (1022) posted on 05.20.2010

Cool isn’t it? Imagine the new BMW flagship is now turn into Hybrid. I hope other car auto maker will also follow it’s steps.

  (367) posted on 05.19.2010

Well let’s wait and see how will it perform on the road.

  (347) posted on 05.18.2010

Oh I can’t imagine an Electric car can also have a turbo kits. I wonder what sources of power it uses.

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