BMW to launch BMW and MINI Bluetooth headsets in December

BMW to launch BMW and MINI Bluetooth headsets in December
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You can’t fault BMW – and by extension, MINI – for coming up with unique ways to promote their brand.

The two car brands are scheduled to release a host of BMW and MINI accessories just in time for the holiday season. Two products that are poised to hit the shelves are a pair of BMW and MINI licensed Bluetooth headsets.

Both headsets, which feature the two companies’ logos on the rhomboid-shaped ear element fitting, are compatible with any kind of mobile phone and we’ll venture to make a guess that having one clipped on your ear will surely spike up your class points.

According to BMW, the Bluetooth headsets are light as a feather, weighing it at only eight grams. They also come with a pair of rechargeable batteries encased on the headsets and when the time comes that it needs recharging, a special adapter that’s connected to your car’s power socket makes recharging these headsets easy and accessible to do.

Each headset also allows for a up to five hours of continuous use and idle time can hold for as long as a whole week. BMW has yet to release the prices for their Blueetooth headsets and will only do so when it nears the launch date sometime in December.


Source: BMW Blog

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  (859) posted on 01.18.2010

Of course many cars right now have bluetooth device and it’s also handy for you to have a bluetooth headset if you’re driving to avoid critical scenarios but thinking that this new accessory launched by BMW bring us to the conclusion,"another pocket-eater device again".

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