Yep, the German automaker’s latest video is promoting car sex

Let’s be honest here for a minute. When you first heard about autonomous technology and realized that a car can drive itself, the thought of having car sex would have crossed your mind. I’m not judging you for it; movies have shown us that amorous activities in the car are viable and feasible. The Wolf of Wall Street’s opening scene, anyone?

Anyway, before you get distracted and drift away from this page, let’s talk about what BMW did. It released a short commercial for the iNEXT that promotes in-car sex. Well, now we know what the ‘Vision’ stands for in ‘BMW Vision iNEXT’! *wink wink*

It Will Help Save Time Too!

Speaking about the commercial here, BMW released a video on Twitter with a caption that read – a space where everything can be done with ease. The company even mentioned “new moments of joy”. Given the context of the video, the not-so-subtle ad indicated only towards one thing and we cannot comprehend anything other than this. The video shows a couple getting intimate, presumably in the iNEXT. It is not put out explicitly that the couple is in the car, but we can see the siren lights flashing on the couple and the next scene shows a cop car passing by the iNEXT. Pretty sure this was to make sure they don’t land in any sort of legal soup for promoting car sex.

Will This Bring About A New Category On X-Rated Websites?

BMW Wants You To Use Your Autonomous Car For Hanky-Panky Exterior
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This is not the first time we are seeing people taking advantage of artificial intelligence to give in to their animalistic needs.

Talk about the extreme ends of the spectrum here. Oh, the irony! Just a couple of months back, a video went viral where a couple recorded themselves getting into action while Tesla’s Autopilot took over the driving duties. Even Musk acknowledged it in a tweet saying, “Turns out there’s more ways to use Autopilot than we imagined,” and “Shoulda seen it coming.” The same thing happened when Sony released the Xperia Z, the first waterproof phone, and someone commented “watching porn in shower safely.” LOL.

There Have Been Studies About This Already

BMW Wants You To Use Your Autonomous Car For Hanky-Panky Exterior
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A 2017 study published in the journal titled ‘Annals of Tourism Research’ focused on the effects that could take place with the deployment of autonomous vehicles on our roads.

One of the aspects of the study was the impact that self-driving cars will have on sex. The study said that more than 84-percent of Americans have indulged in ‘car intimacy’ at some point. Now, given the lack of need to pay attention to the road and the privacy passengers get, one can expect this number to boom more than ever. The study also says that quickies between couples in vehicles could escalate, even in fleet vehicles that are not personally owned by the passengers. Even though the surveillance systems will be present in autonomous vehicles maintained by service providers like Waymo, it will be easy to disengage the “Big Brother’s eye” for the sake of privacy.

The study further adds that this could boost B2C services as well; meaning, it would allow sex workers to deal with clients without having to stick to red light areas. They could, instead, roam around urban areas. This would make law enforcement more difficult in places where prostitution is illegal, and regulating the whole thing would also get tougher where it is legal. This would also adversely affect the business of hotels where rooms are offered on an hourly basis for the recreational activity.

BMW Wants You To Use Your Autonomous Car For Hanky-Panky Exterior
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The study’s leader, Scott Cohen, said that “sex is a part of urban tourism, and commercialized sex is part of that too, so it is quite likely that autonomous vehicles will lead to prostitution, whether legal or illegal, to take place in moving autonomous vehicles in the future".

Looks like ‘Take it Easy’ by the Eagles just got real! Wonder if this will boost SUV sales all the more in the future and if flat bench seats will be preferred over captain seats.

Final Thoughts

BMW Wants You To Use Your Autonomous Car For Hanky-Panky Exterior
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Don’t the seatbelt warnings ring in when you unbuckle yourself for these things? People with first-hand experience, do share your encounters with us in the comments section below and enlighten the curious cats.

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BMW Wants You To Use Your Autonomous Car For Hanky-Panky Exterior
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