• BMW Wants You Yo “Make Every Day Legendary” in 2020 BMW X7 SUV

BMW’s largest ever high-rider can turn your typical school run into a mythical adventure

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BMW has very recently launched its first ever X7 SUV, a seven-seater that occupies the top position in the manufacturer’s high rider lineup. With a starting price in the U.S. of $73,900, it is $13,200 more expensive than the smaller X5, so it needs a good story to help get sales moving. In this case, it needs one that turns everyday obstacles and situations into fantastically exaggerated mythical encounters.

2020 BMW X7 Commercial: Legend

BMW recently published this ad to show who it thinks the new X7 is aimed at and what it will be used for. Its ad for the vehicle is very well done, with superb production values, nicely integrated and tasteful CGI, and plenty of subtle humor - the latter is not usually a big part of German car advertisements. They are usually quite sober and serious.

The X7 is still a sober and serious car that probably nobody will smile at upon seeing, but that’s not to say BMW can’t try to change that image with ads like this one.

In said ad, BMW suggests that the 2020 X7 is an excellent vehicle for a mother of four to do the school run in, being presented as a bastion of safety, ruggedness, and luxury.

BMW Wants You Yo “Make Every Day Legendary” in 2020 BMW X7 SUV
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It is very clearly suggested that like all its other high-riders, this car will essentially do the same job people carriers were designed to do, but in a more all-terrain package that feels safer and more capable. What BMW is essentially saying with this ad is the X7 can do exactly the same thing that its much cheaper front-wheel-drive 2-Series Gran Tourer does but in a taller (and much more prestigious looking) package.

And make no mistake, very few if any future X7 owners will take their brand new luxury SUV mud plugging or rock crawling - the ad reflects this quite proudly, actually. BMW seems really proud of its X7...

2019 BMW X7 - specifications

X7 xDr40i X7 xDr50i
Engine type B58 N63
Induction Turbocharged Turbocharged
Cylinders 6 8
Valves per cylinder 4 4
Stroke mm 94.6 88.3
Bore mm 82.0 82.0
Displacement cm³ 2,998 4,395
Compression rate :1 11.0 10.5
Engine power hp 335 456
at rpm 1/min 5,500 – 6,500 5,250 – 6,000
Engine torque ft. lbs. 330 479
at rpm 1/min 1,500 – 5,200 1,500 – 4,750
Transmission type 8HP51 8HP76
Transmission type automatic automatic
Curb weight lbs. 5,370 5,617
Gross vehicle weight lbs. 6,989 7,253
Payload lbs. 1,202 1,202
Tow capacity with 3rd party hitch lbs. 5,950 5,950
Tow capacity with factory hitch lbs. 7,500 7,500
0-60 mph seconds 5.8 5.2
Top speed mph 130 130

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