BMW will unveil the production versions of their X1 crossover and 5-Series GT performance machine at the BMW Plant in Leipzig, Germany on June 23rd. Although most of the press materials for the 5 Series GT is already widely available, the car is awaiting an official debut.

The X1 CUV has most recently made a public appearance for a photo shoot. From what we could see, the production version is faithful to the concept from back in 2007.


Source: BMW Blog

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  (1) posted on 04.29.2010
  (421) posted on 05.18.2009

Will this crossover be an AWD to?

  (314) posted on 05.15.2009

Once this go on sale this June we will see how it X1 and 5 series makes a good market for BMW

  (289) posted on 05.15.2009

Yes, it seemed though, the only thing that we need to know later if the X1 CUV will truly be loyal to its bloodline.

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