Of all the props that were used at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we can’t think of anything that has served a bigger purpose than the BMW track. Since the show opened, we’ve seen car after car take a lap on the track and we figure that it’s only bound to get busier as the days go by.

One of the vehicles that made its intro on the said track is BMW’s new SUV, the X1. We’ve heard so much about the car – from its Facebook page to a bunch of commercials – but seeing it up close certainly brought our excitement up a few notches.

Of course, the X1 does cater to a younger – and more dynamic – market so it was expected that the SUV came with a more aggressive design compared to the X3 and the X5. If you look closer at the vehicle, you’ll actually notice that the car took some design cues from another BMW new release, the 5 GT.

But judging from the responses we gathered, the X1 looks to be a real winner, and not just to the market it aims to conquer, but to the more traditional BMW market. As it stands, the X1 is set to be released in Europe sometime in 2010 while the US would have to wait longer – in 2011 – to see the X1 out on their local BMW dealerships.


Source: BMW Blog

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