At the beginning of this month we reported that BMW will unveil a concept version of the future X1 in autumn at the Paris Motor Show. Today we bring you a few more details about the future small SUV.

It will be offered in both FWD and RWD versions. Under the hood there will be a range of four and six cylinder engines, in both diesel and petrol, but a four cylinder turbo petrol is also a possibility.

The X1 will first be offered on the European market an will be priced bellow the X3.


Source: BMW Blog

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  (68) posted on 06.26.2008

i agree kyle. bmw still makes the best cars but they’re gone over the edge and its starting to get really annoying. and you’re right, what’s the point of making an SUV that can’t go off road anyway? they should make more suv’s like the touareg2 and landrover range rovers bu chaper.

  (68) posted on 06.26.2008

i agree kyle...they still make the best cars but they’re just doing too much these days and im really getting annoyed with it.

  (520) posted on 06.23.2008

big SUV’s, small SUV’s, expensive SUV’s, SUV’s that look like a cuope, i belive something is wrong with BMW! they don’t earn enough money from their other types of cars?

who needs a small SUV, and why call it a SUV, i bet it can’t go off road!

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